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I've Moved!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Resources for Memory Manager and Storybook Creator Plus

It’s no secret that I love Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) and Memory Manager (MM).  These programs let you easily organize & edit your photos (MM) and create beautiful digital projects with just a few clicks of your mouse (SBC+).  These programs are very easy to use but just getting started sometimes can be overwhelming.  Luckily there are tons of resources for learning how to use these great programs!

Want to see what you can do with these programs? You filter which posts you are viewing by clicking on the categories listed under “Labels” on the lower right hand side of this blog. 

As your Creative Memories Consultant I’m also one of your resources!  I don’t want to just sell you stuff – I want to help you complete your projects!

When you are a digital customer of mine I’ll send you links to digital content to thank you for your business. 

Please use my CM ID number when ordering - #96470395

Free Artwork on my CM Website

Calendar pages, card templates, overlays, predesigned pages – lots of freebies can be found here! 

The free digital artwork is listed with the digital artwork for sale on my CM website.

free artwork

CMs Project Center is another great place to get inspired!  Complete instructions & ingredients are listed for all projects shown.  The Project Center is divided up into Traditional & Digital sections. You can find the link to the Project Center on the bottom left hand side of my CM website.  


Within the Digital Section you’ll find Freebies (new ones are released every Freebie Friday) & links to CMs idea blog and Tips & Techniques.


My facebook group (also called Lisa’s Workshop) is where I usually first post about CM, scrapbooking & photo related items. 

CMs Go Digital Facebook page is a great place to interact with other SBC+ & MM users.  To see posts by people other than the CM Go Digi page admins click on the tab in the middle of the page under the top section of the page & click on “Posts by Others”



There are some fantastic tutorials in the CM Go Digital FB group.  To access these click on “Tutorials & Freebies” underneath the cover photo.

cm go digi


CM Home Office also has a Facebook page – lots of great info there.

Help Zone on my CM websitehelp

Access the Help Zone by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of my CM website.

help zone

There are multiple sections within the Help Zone – you can choose them by clicking on the categories at the top of the page (the green arrow is pointing to these) or see all of them by clicking on the drop down menu (the red arrow is pointing to these).  Don’t forget to click “Go” if you use the drop down menu.

Pixels 2 Pages 

Pixels2Pages (P2P) is a web-based digital training subscription. The 90-day subscription gives unlimited access to a training and inspiration website featuring videos, training guides, idea galleries, blogs, monthly freebies and learning challenges for SBC+. From beginner to advanced digital users, subscribers will find encouragement to complete projects and learn the full functionality and creative potential of SBC+.

You can get an idea of what P2P is about when you click on the Free Trial tab at the top of the P2P home page.


Rewards club

Exclusive Digital content is sent to you via the Rewards club newsletter.  The Rewards club is a great way to earn 15% on every CM purchase, digital & traditional, with any CM Consultant!

rewards club

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