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Thursday, May 28, 2015

CM Discontinues 8x8 Bookcloth Albums (and more)

With lots of new products on the horizon, the CM Home Office has announced certain products are being discontinued. Beginning Monday, June 1 the following items will be sold "while supplies last":
Little Lady 12x12 Fast2Fab
Mr. Mister 12x12 Fast2Fab
Orchid You Not 8x8 Fast2Fab
Yellow 12x12 Album Cover
Spring Green Dual-Tip Pen
9" Trimmer
8x8 bookcloth album covers

According to the Home Office, even though 8x8 bookcloth album covers were highly requested, they have been very poor sellers.
We may see 8x8 bookcloth albums come back from time to time in future LE promotions. Refill pages for the Orchid You Not, Little Lady and Mr. Mister Fast2Fab Albums will remain available for purchase after the albums are discontinued.
As always, if you see something you'd like to have, please place your order as early as possible. We never know how long these items will be available.
Thank you for using my link to place your order!



Friday, May 1, 2015

National Scrapbooking Day 2015 Specials

**Check Back Often – I’ll be updating with new sales/giveaways/blog hops as I discover them***

Panstoria, Inc.  – 30% off EVERYTHING – including Historian (Memory Manager) and Artisan (SBC+)




The Scrap Rack/Totally Tiffany


Scrap Your Trip



scrapbook generation nsd


Lori Whitlock – use code SALE30 at checkout

Miss Kate Cuttables



Persnickety Prints



Mad for the Mouse

Tools, Albums & Organizers!!

Yes – CM has heard our requests and I’m thrilled to share that some favorite products are here and more are on their way! 
The Tools Organizer features removable dividers making it ideal for organizing tools like the Shape Maker and Original Border Maker Systems.  You could also use it to store punches, stamps, dies and many other items!   The collapsible lid zips open and tucks under the organizer making it handy to work right out of.  The Border Maker System is coming back this summer – with lots of new, original cartridges!! 
Tools Organizer
Click here to see the Tools Organizer on my CM Advisor site.
The Shape Maker System is one of my favorite CM tools!  It is very easy to use and works with some of the old CM punches you probably already own.  The Shape Maker System comes with a circle and square cartridge.  Each is just a shade bigger than the largest shape on the old CM circle & square punches.  Unfortunately, CM has no plans at this time to introduce new cartridges for this system, however you can pick it up at a great price!  It’s just $25!
shape maker system
The Circle Tag and Puzzle Shape Maker Cartridges are available at $8 each.  You can find these under the “Warehouse Finds” category on my CM Advisor site.
shape maker cartridges
Need some inspiration for using the Shape Maker System?  Click Here!
The Power™ Sort Box is back!! 
Each Power™ Sort Box will allow you to organize 1,200 photos up to 5x7 in size.  There's also an inside cover storage sleeve which holds photos and memorabilia up to 12.75" x 7".  It also helps protect your prints from dust and light!
Power Sort
Your favorite, classic 12x12 CM bookcloth albums are now available in 2 new & fun colors - Spring Green & Ocean Blue!! 
Spring Green
Ocean Blue
Coming Soon!
More new products to be released in May


Shape Maker System Inspiration

Do you remember hearing about the CASE method?  C.A.S.E. stood for Copy And Steal Everything! Back in the day CM provided TONS of ideas.  Ideas in catalogs, ideas on product packaging, handouts with ideas (who remembers Crop Talks?)  Those ideas were great because they helped you use the products you bought!  I’m so pleased that the “new” CM is busy cranking out lots of fun ideas to help those of us out who still subscribe to the CASE method. 
With the Shape Maker System being available at such a great price ($25!!) I wanted to share some ideas with you for using it!
Here’s a fun idea shared by the Home Office at CM. 
It’s for a Mother’s Day card but you could easily adapt it to make a page element.
Supplies used: Pretty in Pastel Designer Paper
Shape Maker with 2-inch Circle Cartridge
Paper Trimmer
Tape Runner
Dual-Tip Pen (Black)
Optional:  Downloadable “Happy Mother’s Day”
quote that can be downloaded here.
To create:
  1. Cut two pieces of white patterned paper to measure 5” square.  Flip these over on to your work surface.  Measure and mark at the 3/4” mark along one edge of each piece.image
  2. Using a straight edged, draw a line from each mark to the corner (shown right.)
  3. Use scissors or trimmer to cut along line on each piece.
  4. Apply tape runner close to both diagonal and shorter edges (avoid adding along longest edge) then adhere pieces together grey sides facing each other.
  5. Cut 2 pieces of grey paper to measure 5” x 1 -1/2” and 3” x 4”.  Adhere strip along top edge of the pot base.
  6. To create flowers, punch several circles from various patterns of paper, then cut notches, waves and edges away.  Arrange and adhere flowers across the top of the grey piece. 
  7. Trim and adhere photo.  Insert grey piece and flowers into pot.
  8. Print and cut quote, then adhere to polka-dot paper.  Trim and adhere to card.

Here are some cute Christmas ornament embellishments made by CM Advisor (CMA)  Kelly Hudson, using the Circle Tag from the Shape Maker System & adding a snowflake punch and some glitter glue.

CMA Amy Kilgore shared these fun ideas

Thanks to CMA Linda Wright for sharing this page with flowers and a ladybug also made with the circle tag cartridge.

More ideas from CM
Ideas for using the Circle Tag cartridges and Puzzle Piece cartridges for the Shape Maker System.
Shape Maker System Scrapbook Layout Idea.  Uses Candy Shop Power Palette
Blessings Vintage Chic Scrapbook Card __ Vintage Chic papers & the new Shape Maker System punch, Idea from Creative Memories, Detailed Instructions: http://projectcenter.creativememories.com/photos/our_newest_project_ideas/blessings-vintage-chic-scrapbook-card-idea.html