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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creating a Facebook Timeline using SBC+

Those Facebook Timelines may or may not be a favorite of yours but one nice thing about them is the large area that is available for you to personalize – and it’s large enough for a mini layout to showcase several favorite pictures! 
With the help of Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) – Creative Memories’ digital scrapbooking program – you’re able to quickly do just this.  (See below for a couple of ways to do this).
Here are a few Timelines I have used recently
4th watermark

Product Image
made with the Enchanted Digital Power Palette
surfer girl
Product Image
Made with the Delight Surfer Girl Digital Additions
summer fruits
summer sailing
Made with the Reminisce Summer Digital Additions
Product Image

You’re welcome to save any of these images and use them as your timeline (except for the one with me & my family – that would be weird Smile)
Create your own Timeline for Facebook using SBC+
I have 2 techniques to share for doing this. 
First Method shared on Creative Memories Go Digital Facebook Page.  I LOVE this method – I find it very easy!  Donna Kendall put it together for the CM Digi FB team.
1.  Create a new custom project 11.35 x 4.2 inches.  Set tabs at 2.25 on top and 2.75 on the side.
2.  Add papers, embellishments and/or pictures to your project.
3. When finished choose “Save as” from the blue File tab and save your design as a jpg image with a resolution of 72 DPI.
4.  Upload your design to the timeline cover section of your Facebook profile page.
There are some other things to keep in mind (image size & resolution, areas to keep clear for your profile picture, etc.) when designing a timeline and this handout explains all of them wonderfully. 
Second Method - From CMs blog where she creates this timeline:
1.  Create a new product or page. Choose new page or image. Category - Home Display - Page Print 8x8.
2.   Go to Resize (The resize button is on the home page (in advanced mode) within the Canvas area between crop and rotate.)
Unclick the "Maintain the current aspect ratio box" AND unclick the "Resize and reposition elements on the page" - Change Width to 851 PIXELS and Height 315 PIXELS (pixels, not inches!).
3. Insert Enchanted Paper 2 as your background.
4. Insert Enchanted Life Today_Filled. Go to Format - Select Shadow - Select a custom shadow - Change Depth to 0.3 Softness to 0 and Expansion to 0. Change the direction to 5.
5. Insert Enchanted Ribbon-Teal. Go to View - Click Page - Go to Format - Select Shadow - Select a custom shadow - Change Depth to 0.2 Softness to 0 and Expansion to 0. Change the direction to 90.
6. Insert Enchanted Paper 13 - Go to Cut & Fill - Cut the paper to fit under the word art.
7. Cut out a rounded rectangle shape from Enchanted Paper 30 - Will need to resize - Add same shadow as the Teal Ribbon. Copy and paste the rectangle shape and place both rectangles under the word art.
8.. Insert two photos. Place them under the word art. Place each photo on each photo mat. Round the corners of each photo by going to Cut & Fill - Corner Cutter - I selected the rounded corner and played with the size to get it to match up with my photo mat.
9.Save your page as a sbc file and a jpeg. Load the jpeg to your Facebook page for a new custom cover!
*When you are creating your cover please note that your profile picture will be covering up the bottom left corner of your cover page.*
**Also note that Facebook photo quality is not as good as your finished product in SBC 4.0.**
I’d love to see your timeline!

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