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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sneak Peek: Business Supplies Pack

UPDATE:  Here’s the contents:

FREE! The Tool Kit ($25/$30 CAN) includes four essential tools for paper scrapbooking, along with a mat that comes in a stylish soft-lined designer box.

This is an incentive for CMCs that recruit in Feb. and will be part of our product line beginning in May. It’s a cute tool pack with a pair of scissors, tweezers, Multi Purpose Tool and something else – not sure what that other tool is – maybe a stylus?  I’ll post more details when I get them!  image

You can earn this for free as a CM Consultant!  If you’re interested in learning about becoming a CM Consultant please join me Wed. Jan 25 from 7 – 8 p.m. at On The Border in Novi for a brief business opportunity chat.  It’s a chance to have your questions answered so that you can make an informed decision about joining Creative Memories.

Right now, you can join my team for only $25!!  Click here to learn more about becoming a CMC!   There is also info on my blog about becoming a CMC here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Countdown To My Birthday - Cakes and Candles Display Accents Everyday Display Layout

image (Instructions below)

I LOVE this new Cakes and Candles Everyday Display kit – it comes with everything shown below…including 2 circles you can use to countdown the days to a birthday!  The lighter blue circle has numbers printed on it and you rotate it underneath the darker blue scalloped circle (with the circle punched in it) to count down the days!!  It is shown on the Sleek Everyday Display. 


Another cute idea!


there is also a coordinating Cakes and Candles Addition for your scrapbook!


The project shown at the top of the page (as well as lots more) can be found in the Project Center on my CM website.  Enjoy!!

Cakes and Candles Display Accents US
Cakes and Candles Display Accents CA
Circle Maker US
Circle Maker CA
Foam Squares US
Foam Squares CA

How to Create:
Add the green paper as a background to the display.

Add the blue circular number paper to the center of the green paper and layer the round “Countdown to my Birthday” circle paper on top with the circle removed to show the correct countdown day.

Hold in place with a magnet in the center of the display.

Add the banner to the bottom of the display with foam squares only under the middle banners to the countdown can still be rotated.

Add the balloons and cupcake to the display with Foam Squares.

Use the circle maker on a small photo of the birthday boy and add to the center of the circle punch out.

Add to the display with foam squares.

Finished Size: 12 x 12

Project Designed by: Ginger Williams

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Creative Memories Products Coming Soon including CM Divine Wedding Cricut Cartridge!

Updated 1/30:

New in March - Fluffy & Fido 6x6 Stack Pack - what do you think this will be???? Also: Dear Mom & Grandparent Simply Said books; Spring, Summer & Beach Classic Stickers; Midnight Shimmer & Pink Shimmer Paper (Love these!); 12x12 Additions: Wedding Planning, Wedding Day, Fabulous Girl Toddler, Rugged Boy Toddler & Spring;  Divine Wedding Cricut Cartridge & scallop blade for the 12” Rotary Trimmer!  12x12 Wedding Quick Kit and 8x8 Wedding scrapbook kit.


Details are still fuzzy – I’ll update when I get them.  Just a reminder – these types of posts first appear to my Facebook Group’s wall.  Join Lisa’s Workshop on Facebook for the latest, most up to date info about CM!

Most of these products should be available in March, 2012

Coming soon - a "singular sensation" shape maker. It is being compared to the border maker system!   Imagine having ONE punch with several shapes instead of a gazillion punches. 


I am still waiting on full details – CM treats new product info like it’s a state secret Winking smile

Custom Album Page – like a digital print but prints right on the page!         8x8 $5.99 U.S./$7.99 CAN and for 12x12 - $7.99 U.S./$8.99 CAN

Custom Album Page

Another shot of the Embossed Paper Pack

Enchanted Embossed Paper

Reflections File Mate Set

Reflections File Mate Set

Not sure but those shapes – the circle/mesh & circle borders are showing up in a few spots – wonder if they’ll be new cartridges for the Border Maker System?National Scrapbook Day 2012 a

Baby’s First Year Calendar Templates – perfect gift for a new Mom!  All she’ll have to do is add pics (and fill in the dates or you could do that for her Smile)


SNEAK PEAK – National Scrapbook Day!

I think this is the “Best Of” Paper Pack




Memory Manager Update!!


Enchanted Collection



Enchanted Coversetimage

Embossed Cardstock





Fancy Frame Bundle...with the Best of Paper Sampler Pack, Frame, mat & blades...$49.  I believe this will  be a NSD (National Scrapbook Day)  promotion.  NSD is in May so these won’t probably be available until then.  There will also be a “Best of” paper pack available.


Divine Collection.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Sooo many cartridges!  How do you store yours?  I bring my cartridges to crops so I need to have something portable and easy to use!  Below is an idea I’ve seen a few places on the internet and have tweaked it here & there.  I hope you find it helpful, too!  Let me know if you’ve found a use for those Cricut cartridge boxes – I can’t get rid of them, yet!
What I like best about this storage method is that it’s very portable,  easy to use and easy to adjust as new cartridges are added to my inventory.
You’ll need at least one Snapware Ribbon Container.  The ribbon container comes with 2 sections- a  larger container that will hold about 19 handbooks and a smaller section that will hold about 40 cartridges.  
Use Plastic canvas to create the dividers for the cartridges.
Plastic Canvas – #7  (7 holes per inch)
Cut 7 strips – each  59 holes ×10 holes
To get 59 rows by 10 rows you will need to be cutting at 60 and 11.
Cut 5 holes out (upward)  at 12, 24, 36, 48

Cut 4 strips – each 39×10 (#of holes)
To get 39 rows by 10 rows you will need to be cutting at 40 and 11.
Cut 6 holes out (upward) at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35

For the handbooks I first remove all non-English pages.  This is usually just 3 or 4 per book but it helps out and makes flipping through the handbooks easier.  Be careful – some have a foreign language on the front & English on the back.  I store the overlay in the handbook.
I use Creative Memories Power Sort Dividers in between the handbooks.  I trim a bit from the bottom – about 3/4” – and label them with my handy dandy label maker (LOVE that thing!)  sorting these alphabetically.
I use a fine  point Sharpie marker to label each cartridge and store them alphabetically.  I put a red dot by those that I’ve linked to my Gypsy and a blue CM by my Creative Memories Cricut cartridges because those are the ones I use the most and I like to find them easily.  I have thought about just keeping my CM Cricut cartridges together but I don’t think the part of my brain that has OCD is very organized  (just a very tiny part – the one that deals w/my scrapbooking supplies) could handle that. I am, however, warming up to the idea of keeping all my Disney/Pixar cartridges and handbooks in their own organizer.  Baby Steps. Smile
I keep these tools with my Cricut cartridges at all times:  MultiPurpose Tool – the flat end is perfect for lifting delicate pieces from the Cricut mat and also scraping off the leftovers.  The pointed tool is a big help when I need to pop out the cut pieces that haven’t separated easily on their own.                                  Precision Point Adhesive Pen – perfect for applying adhesive to those Cricut cuts!  Excess adhesive is easily removed with the Pick Up Square.  I’m messy.  Thank goodness this little tool erases all the dried up adhesive I seem to leave everywhere!!
These tools seem to be made to work with the Cricut - I have a set that I’ve dedicated to using with my Cricut crafts and keep them in another smaller sized storage container. You can purchase this size on it’s own with a divided container that fits inside – perfect place to store extra blades and other smaller accessories.
Now, if anyone has suggestions for those Cricut boxes…

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

25% off (almost) Everything for 5 days!!!


It's Creative Memories’ 25th anniversary and we're all pretty excited about it.   CM has got the music playing and the shipping line fired up.   For the next five days we're going to kick this year off by partying like it's 1987.

Now here's your invitation: Everything is on sale for 25 percent off. Everything on my CM website (except digital artwork downloads). Everything on CM’s Digital Center. Everything. It's all 25 percent off.

Albums & Refill pagesTape RunnersCricut cartridgesCustom Cutting SystemPower Palettes and all paperStorybooksCalendarsCustom Coversets…(can’t order those digital items yet?  Product Credits are on sale, too!!)

Everything but digital art downloads is on sale!

Let's party! 


Happy Anniversary, CM & Happy Shopping to you!!