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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Customizing your Fun Stampers Journey Kit

FSJ has 3 kits to choose from – you can see all 3 options here. The biggest kit, the Blooming Grand kit, is only $99 in January!!!

starter kit options

This fantastic deal on the Blooming Grand Kit (even better than the usual discount) comes with a really nice option.  You can customize the contents of your Blooming Grand Kit!

There are so many fun products to choose from!  If you’d like to team up with me and customize your Blooming Grand Kit (or just take a peek at the options on-line) you can get started here.  Below are some screen shots to, hopefully, help make those decisions easier!

You can visit my FSJ site to get a closer look at all the products.


Many of these stamp sets have coordinating die sets that you can choose to include in your kit!



LOTS of ink colors to choose from!  Choose any 3 True Color Fusion Ink Pads.
ink 1ink 2

ink 3


ink 5

And a bonus – purchase some great supplies while earning commission (including an extra 10%!)  and contributing to your (very doable $150 quartely) sales quota! You can purchase as many of these add-on packs as you like.

add on pack

Something to keep in mind:  you may submit a Fast Start order within 45 days of joining as a Journey Coach. Your entire Fast Start order will be earn a 30% discount (instead of 20%) on the first order you place that is $150 or more, within 45 days of joining! And, if you enter it as a party you can double dip and get hostess benefits (and Bloom Benefits) too! 

FSJ Journey Coach Logo

It’s never been a better time to become a FSJ Coach! 

You can find more info about FSJ in these blog posts or by visiting my FSJ site

Sunday, January 17, 2016

CM Year to Remember Blog Hop

Happy 2016!

You have reached the fifth stop on the CM Year to Remember Blog Hop.   My fellow CM Advisors and I are sharing some ideas and inspiration featuring the new Year to Remember collection designed to make recording and remember the year a breeze!  If you’re hopping in order you’ve arrived from Stefani’s blog and at the end of my post I’ll send you on your way to Noreen’s blog.  Be sure to visit each blog and finish up on the CM Blog.  If you leave a comment you’ll be eligible to win a fantastic prize bundle! (More info, including the complete list of Blog Hop stops, is at the bottom of this post.)ADV-YTRMeme

Year to Remember by Creative Memories

As usual, Creative Memories has come up with a fun way to help us save our memories while also saving us time!  Each piece of CM printed paper is double sided and in the Year to Remember collection the pages with a calendar grid on one side have a fun pattern on the other! backfront
This is one of those paper packs that I buy two at a time – because I can’t decide which side to use!  (Who am I kidding – I’m like that with all the CM paper packs!)

Perpetual Year to Remember Journal/Calendar  Perpetual Calendar  - Year to Remember by Creative Memories
I have seen a few projects like this and always thought I’d make a version “one day.”  When I saw the new Year to Remember items by Creative Memories I knew they were perfect for this!

The idea for this project is to record a brief note each day on an index card and then move that day’s card to the back, and then do the same for the next day.  Then repeat, repeat, repeat throughout the years.  I think this will be a really fun way to look back at some of the happenings that might not make it in to our scrapbooks but I still want to remember.

That cute ceramic berry basket that holds the cards was bought at Kohl’s a bit ago.  I don’t know if they still have it in the stores but you can find it online.  You could use any type of container you want for this project. A simple cardboard box could be fancied up with patterned paper and then everything would coordinate.  I think it would be easiest to find something that the index cards fit in but if you find, like I did, that the cards need trimming, that doesn’t take too long.  I trimmed a bit from 4x6 index cards but, again, you could use whatever size you like.

Using a date stamp I added each day of the year (don’t forgeth February 29th!) to an index card. If you don’t have a date stamp you could print the dates off on your computer and then cut them out & adhere to the cards, or you could handwrite the dates. 

I’m adding birthdays, anniversarys, holidays & other special days to the cards and a sticker, too. Perpetual Calendar  - Year to Remember by Creative Memories
(The date stamp I used is similar to this one.  If you go this route be sure that your stamp has a blank option for the year.  If not you could stamp at the edge of your index card with scrap paper underneath, making sure the year stamps off the index card onto the scrap paper.)

You could also use stickers from the Monthly Sticker Pack when it’s released. So many fun options!! Year to Remember by Creative Memories

For the monthly dividers I added some paper from the Year to Remember paper pack to one of the index cards I trimmed and added coordinating embellishments and stickers, keeping the same basic design for each one.

(July – Dec. embellishments will be released this summer.)

The die-cut shapes with the months printed on them make perfect tabs for the dividers.  I staggered them so they will be easier to see. 013c67edafe4504ee1d9299ba16f261f8d9b974d83 (2)

I used the Shape Maker System with the Square Cartridge to create a backround for the square stickers and numbered embellshment,  giving it a little lift with Foam Squares (now a permanent addition to the CM product line!!!)019985967bd5035a204b9f872d052dd91ae7779efe

What could you do with the Year to Remember collection?
Be sure to leave a comment on the Creative Memories Blog about how you’d use these products and you’ll be eligible to win the whole collection!!
Thank you, Creative Memories!

Thank you for stopping by today!  Your next stop is Noreen’s blog.  Be sure to visit all the stops on today’s Blog Hop.

Here is the lineup in case you lose your way (it’s easy to do with all of those wonderful ideas!)

CM Year to Remember Blog Hop
Candace Bouldin
Julie Tambrini
Diana Miller Brinsley
Stefani Jones
Lisa Brown Graham <-----You are here!
Noreen Smith
Sarah Fitzgerald
CM Blog <--- Leave a comment to win a prize!!

Please contact your Creative Memories Advisor to purchase the Year to Remember collection or any other CM products.
If you don't already have a Creative Memories Advisor, I’m happy to help! 

You can find more information about the Creative Memories products used in this project on my CM Advisor site at 
or if you’d like to contact me directly you can do that by clicking on the “Email me” link at the top of this page.

How would you like to get a discount on all CM products?  15 years ago (this month!) I joined CM to do just that and I’ve not only enjoyed that benefit (immensly!!)  but I’ve gotten so much more…simply because I’ve shared something I loveRed heart  
It’s never been a better time to team up with CM and become an Advisor.  For only $49 a year you’ll earn profit on all product bought/sold AND be a part of a fantastic company with wonderful products and support! 
PLUS you will get this exclusive punch when you join this month! You’ll find more info in this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this CM Blog Hop! If you missed any of the earlier CM Blog Hops you can find them by clicking on “Blog Hop” in the labels section of my blog on the right side of the page!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Virtual Crop Saturday January 16, 2016!

Saturday, January 16th!  All ideas welcome!

Please join the fantastic people at the Creative Memories Home Office along with myself and fellow CM Bloggers for a day full of inspiration, fun idea challenges and prizes! Pop in at your leisure to this super fun Facebook event from your favorite scrapping spot for just an hour, or stay the whole day! We'll provide you with page sketches, inspiration and tips as we celebrate borders.  Don’t worry – we'll be there to encourage you to complete pages, card projects, or even just organize your photos! Whatever's on your creative "to do" list is fair game. It's always more fun knowing there's a whole great big group of folks being creative with you, even if they're creating on their own turf, yes? :)
We hope to see you pop on by Saturday, January 16th for however long you can stay. We’re hoping that you will share picstures of your finished pages and projects to inspire other crop attendees, and one lucky person who shares their creativity with us will win a Border Maker System with ALL of the cartridges in our collection. Woohoo!!

Virtual Crop Saturday, January 16th!  Ideas & Prizes!! All ideas welcome!One lucky attendee will win this sweet prize package just for sharing photos of their projects!

Do you want in?
Click here to join this Virtual Crop and I’ll see you tomorrow!! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach for $99!


This is one of those deals that is just too good to pass up! 

The Biggest of the 3 starter kits FSJ offers for only $99 – customizable, too!  Pick the dies, ink pads & stamps that YOU want.  That Journey Grand is the FSJ version of Spellbinders Grand Callibur die cutting & embossing machine (both are made by Spellbinders) & you’ll find that sells for $99 on it’s own!  Seriously great deal!

Most of you know that I’ve been with CM for almost 15 years – I’m primarily a scrapbooker but I do dabble in card making and love my tools that help me make fun paper crafts!  Originally I joined Fun Stampers Journey because they have punches that fit the CM Shape Maker System.  I adore that system and was thrilled to find more cartridges – plus I love getting the best price whenever possible so I took the plunge and joined FSJ.  Since then I have discovered that the FSJ cardstock is very, very, very close to that which CM used to offer.  Different colors but that same smooth, solid colored cardstock that cuts like a dream! You can read more about the FSJ punches and cardstock in this earlier blog post. I have some of the FSJ pearl paper on order and think it’s very close to the Shimmer paper that CM offered in the past.  I’ll let you know my thoughts when my next order arrives!


Here are the basics on being a FSJ Coach:

  • $150 quarterly minimum.  These are calendar quarters – super easy to keep track of.
  • FSJ has a limited non-compete policy but is fine with Coaches being CM Advisors and Kiwi Lane Instructors, too.  You’ll need to check with them directly to see about other companies.
  • You’ll earn a 20% commission right off the bat & that will grow as your business does.  Click here to see the FSJ commission structure
  • FSJ has a very generous hostess program – see below!  (ATS stands for Artist Trading Stamps.  You can click here to see those)

FSJ has 3 kits to choose from – you can see all 3 options here. Remember the biggest kit, the Blooming Grand kit, is only $99 in January!!!

Please visit my FSJ website for more information or click “Email Me” at the top of my blog to contact me. If you’d like to join my team for $99 click on "Click here to become A Coach”
After you enter your  information you’ll see step 2: Select Your Starter Kit. Click on the drop-down box and choose
”Blooming Grand Customized Starter kit $99.99”

It’s A Great Time to Become A CM Advisor!

(Updated post from June, 2015)

The new CM celebrated it’s first anniversary in November & I’m thrilled to share that, if possible, I’m even more excited about CM than I was when I first heard they were making a comeback!  At that time I was cautiously optomistic, hoping for the best and I’m happy to report that not only is CM doing a fantastic job providing scrapbookers with favorite products but they’re also doing a bang-up job of introducting some new, fresh items on a regular basis!  The thing that has (pleasantly) suprised me the most is how fantastic the new Head Office at CM is.  They are absolutely fantastic with communication and have provided us with a simple business plan that is a delight to work with.   I wrote this in June of 2015 & it still holds true:

If I had to pick one word to describe the new CM I think it would be simple. Not simple in a boring way, but simple as in super easy to understand.  Simple as in no suffocating rules & regulations, no minimums and straightforward communication from the Home Office.  It’s refreshing!!

There are NO MINIMUMS as a CM Advisor.  Simply a $49 annual fee!

Most of the questions I get about becoming an Advisor are about the commission.  This is a great snapshot of the earnings plan: (Click to enlarge or right click to save.)


It really is that simple!

As Advisors, we place our orders on the same website that customers do, via our unique Advisor URL (website link).  Our commission is sent via either direct deposit (weekly) or a check (monthly) – whichever we choose.

In addition to commission & bonuses, Advisors have access to some products that are not available to customers.  So far these have mostly been deeply discounted former favorite products that are commissionable and count towards our account balance (everything other than the sign up fee to become an Advisor is commissionable – even catalogs)!  CM also has some nice incentives for those that become a CM Advisor. The latest one being this beautiful Art Deco Border Punch.

When you become a CM Advisor in January 3-30, you will earn the Art Deco Border Punch FREE!  The free punches will be shipped weekly to all new Advisors!
This gorgeous punch will not be available for sale - the only way to earn one is to become an Advisor January 3 -30 or if you're already a Advisor you’ll earn one each time you welcome a new Advisor to your team!  (See below for some fun ideas using this punch!)

I have shared some information & thoughts about signing up – especially deciding between signing up under the Home Office or an Advisor in this post. For me, it makes perfect sense to sign up under an Advisor – it’s just another layer of support!

How does this new CM stack up against the old?
(Click to enlarge or right click to save.)


A few things not mentioned above:

  • Each & every Advisor is included in the “Find An Advisor” feature on the website unless they opt out!
  • OK to sell old (not current) CM product on Ebay
  • OK to use the CM Advisor logo in your own designs
  • Each year when you decide to renew your $49 Advisor fee you’ll also have the option of changing who you sign up with!

There is one additional area that needs to be mentioned & that is communication.   Simply put – it’s FANTASTIC - both from the Home Office & TO the HO!!  THEY ARE LISTENING to ALL CM Advisors & customers, too!  CM has conducted several surveys, has an email set up for product suggestions (cmproductsuggestion@outlook.com) and has even left the final decisions on designs for a few new products up to a vote by Advisors. 

If you’d like more information about becoming a CM Advisor please don’t hesitate to contact me via the “Email Me” link at the top of the blog. 

You’ll find even more information by clicking on “Advisor Program” at the bottom of my CM Advisor Site.