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I've Moved!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It’s A Great Time to Join Kiwi Lane!


Now is the perfect time to create your own Kiwi Lane Business! Become an Instructor with Kiwi Lane today and join a group of friends who love the things that you love and who will inspire you and be inspired by you! By joining the Kiwi Lane family of Instructors now, you will be getting in at the ground level of a rapidly expanding opportunity and you will get this DT Tray for free when you purchase a starter kit!


This is a picture of my DT – I <3 it!my DT

I use the inserts that come in the packages as dividers between the sets.  This way I’m able to group similar sets together (you can move the dividers to where you like in the DT.  I chose to have bigger areas that hold more templates vs. each set in it’s own slot).  I like being able to look through the Designer Templates  quickly and I can easily see what is included in each set by glancing at the insert/divider.

Kiwi Lane has very low minimums for Instructors, a great discount right from the start and the chance to earn money while doing something you love! Don’t forget about the Design Templates!!  You’ll never find a better deal than you get with the starter kit!  

Like all good things, this free DT Tray offer will soon come to an end so please don’t hesitate to
visit my Kiwi Lane Instructor page for more information (including what’s included in the starter kit) or message me with any questions! https://lisagraham.kiwilaneinstructor.com/join