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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decorate your iPhone with SBC+

I recently got an iPhone and with that came the monumental decision of which case/cover to purchase.  There were just too many options – how could I be expected to commit to just one?!  I know there are cheap cases out there but I wanted something a bit sturdier & those cost a bit & I’m too cheap to buy a whole bunch : )

I opted for one with a clear back and thought I’d be able to jazz it up somehow. 

I used my traditional scrapbooking supplies to make this insert:

I traced the case onto the back of scrapbook paper, cut it out & embellished the front side.   I used items from the Enchanted Power Palette – except for the sticker, that is from an older discontinued line.

I love it but it’s lumpy & bumpy and I knew there was a better way…go digital!

I traced the outline of the case again onto black cardstock & scanned it into my computer.  I brought that into Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) and then used the wand tool to isolate the shape of the case.


Then I filled the shape with paper and embellished it digitally.


Here are a few I made using this technique:

Gaels Lacrosse

eat sleep crop


say cheese

Here is a template you can use, either traditionally or digitally.  Be sure to make the template (the outline of the case – not the page itself) 4.5” long and keep the proper aspect ratio so it prints out correctly. If you print the image below as a 4”x6” size it should fit a case for an iPhone 4s with maybe just a little trimming.

iphone4s template

Don’t have SBC+?  You can download a free 30 day trial here or use the template with traditional scrapbooking supplies.


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