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Monday, October 21, 2013

Creative Memories to become Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories. NEW PRODUCT LINE

Here it is – what the new version of CM will be offering.


That tape runner looks just like the old CM tape runner – but since learning that 3L makes the adhesives for CM I will be using those after I’ve gone through my stash of CM Tape Runner refills.

update:  Looks like it’s the same as the blue CM TR.  I am stunned at the prices.


UPDATE:  This adhesive is tabs (larger, square pieces), not small strips like the old CM Tape Runner.






You should be able to view the full PDF here http://www.creativememories.com/uploads/2/2/0/8/22088492/2._party_products_hosting_final_ii.pdf

Link to newCMs catalog 

Same *stuff* - different packaging & names.

They kept the wrong stuff! Ditching loyal customers to seek out new, “time-starved Moms” = not such a good idea, in my opinion.


Information about CM’s name change:

(Click on image to make it larger)

A friendly word of advice:  Don’t Google “Ahni” with the kiddos around, especially if you’re using the image search feature.

(Seriously, who re-launches a company without researching the name?)


It looks like the Fast 2 Fabulous albums are still 12x12 and at least the pages can be wallpapered for those that don’t like the pre-printed pages.  It makes no sense to me why CM wouldn’t offer plain, unprinted pages to keep it’s loyal customers happy – but then, much of what CM has done recently makes no sense to me at all.

When CM notified me that they were going to release all CMCs from their contracts at the end of August I was sad but knew that even if the company emerged from bankruptcy it would be a far cry from the company I had signed up with.  I’m not just talking about the product line, but the (lack of) ethics, morals and simple business sense, too.

CM may have changed their mind about releasing me (and other) CMCs from our contracts but I find that unacceptable and haven’t changed my mind.  I know CM isn’t a good fit for me and will not partner with them and their new venture.  I feel this was not a decision I made but it was made for me and although the new very limiting, simple, cookie cutter product line may or may not have tipped the scales in favor of my leaving CM I’ll never know because what I’ve learned, witnessed and experienced since April has forced my hand.  I could not sleep at night if I was in business with this company.  I am fortunate that I’ve never depended on my income from CM (although I have appreciated it) and my heart goes out to those that do.  I don’t begrudge any consultant that chooses to stay with the company, or anyone that wants to sell these new products.  I just have one bit of advice:  This is business, keep your eyes wide open and information is knowledge and power.  Anyone that tells you something different is probably hiding something from you.

I am thankful for all the great people I’ve met – in real life & virtually – as a Creative Memories Consultant.  One of those people, Nicole S. - a sister CMC, has been very, very instrumental in keeping a great group of CMC, former CMCs, customers and others informed during this mess – even when CM tried their best to limit access to information and discouraged CMCs from looking elsewhere for information.  Nicole was on the receiving end of some very hurtful, unprofessional & unkind words from one of the Co-founders of CM, simply because she dared to share speculative information about what the new CM would carry. This information was given to her by a reliable source and included that newCM would offer Fast2Fabulous albums, Picfolio-type albums and just a black pen.  The Co-Founder really latched on to that part about a black pen – and chose to eliminate almost all the other information that was being discussed (and now seems to be spot on.)  She called for CMCs to become “rumor squashers” and help her out by correcting those that speculate.  She deleted posts from those that tried to set the record straight and unfriended anyone that dared to post anything but praise for her and her rant.

When I saw the contents of the newCMs consultant kit I had to chuckle. 

(some of the contents shown below)


Lo & behold, just a black pen.

Thanks to Nicole and our great group we have armed ourselves with information and are empowered with knowledge. We’ve been able to help each other through this transitional time – even when CM has done their best to keep us in the dark.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It’s Here! Update Artisan & Use CM Content!


Click on the link in Artisan to download the upgraded version!


This is the prettiest thing I've seen in a while!


If you encounter an error when trying to install the upgrade (I did - most are, I think) just uninstall Artisan then install the upgrade.

My activation codes didn’t transfer over with my content.  Here’s the easiest way I’ve found to bring those in. 

If you open the text file of codes into a spreadsheet you can do this much easier. I still get a ":" at the end of some of my activation codes that needs to be deleted but that's easier than deleting the whole kit description. Here's how to import a text file into Excel. http://office.microsoft.com/...

Be sure to tell your computer to open a text file (select "text files" from the dropdown menu


Choose the "fixed width" option then click finish. Your codes will be in one column and the description in another. You can then copy & paste the codes into Artisan. Delete the : at the end first if that came over with the activation code.


There has been quite the fuss made from many well connected to CM about switching over to Panstoria. It seems that now that these programs are out of CMs hands certain people seem to think the program isn't as good as they had said it was just a short time ago. I disagree - and will add that it's even better now! Sadly, this attitude is nothing new - we were warned not to be swayed by "shiny objects" some time ago. The CEO of Panstoria ironically gave this freebie and I'm happy to share it with you!! It's the 'Shiny Objects' kit, complete with twelve shiny objects and one shiny (silver glitter) alpha set. Enjoy, and feel free to share the link

Don’t have Artisan yet?  Click here to purchase it!  It's like SBC+ only better!! Artisan has fantastic photo editing tools within the program and you’ll be able to upload directly to Panstoria’s Print Shop soon!!

Remember – SBC+ and MM is not being supported by CM any longer and Panstoria will only support them until the end of this year. 

You can get more information about why you should switch from SBC+ & MM to Artisan & Historian in this post.