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I've Moved!
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Countdown to Showcase!!

I’m so excited to be attending Showcase this year.  Showcase is CMs convention held annually in Minneapolis Minnesota each year.  Consultants from all over the world will be there and I’ll be there for the first time ever!  It’s CMs 25th anniversary so it’s going to be a huge celebration!  I will be posting immediate updates to my Facebook Group (also called Lisa’s Workshop) and hopefully will be summarizing each days events here on my blog.

Please join my Facebook group – it’s the place where I usually post CM & scrapbooking/photo related items first.

Link to my FB group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/lisasworkshop/


LOTS of new products are announced at Showcase – and you can be one of the first to see them in person when you attend a Super Party.  I’ll be holding one on August 8th – just a few days after I arrive home from Showcase.  If you’re not local check with your CMC to see if they are holding a Super Party – they’re going to be a great chance to see (& order) the new products first, get a free gift for attending & more.

after party

Link to the Super Party on Facebook 

If you’re local I hope you’ll join me – please RSVP asap so I can bring home Showcase goodies for you!  The Super Party is a great opportunity for you to invite your friends and earn free product based on their sales.  I’m joining forces with a few other CMCs & we’ll do all the work – all you need to do is share the info with photo-loving  friends & family.  Let me know if you’d like to be a hostess at the Super Party  - we’re planning on spoiling our hostesses Smile

The Showcase fun starts Thursday afternoon when I fly from Michigan to Minnesota.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Resources for Memory Manager and Storybook Creator Plus

It’s no secret that I love Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) and Memory Manager (MM).  These programs let you easily organize & edit your photos (MM) and create beautiful digital projects with just a few clicks of your mouse (SBC+).  These programs are very easy to use but just getting started sometimes can be overwhelming.  Luckily there are tons of resources for learning how to use these great programs!

Want to see what you can do with these programs? You filter which posts you are viewing by clicking on the categories listed under “Labels” on the lower right hand side of this blog. 

As your Creative Memories Consultant I’m also one of your resources!  I don’t want to just sell you stuff – I want to help you complete your projects!

When you are a digital customer of mine I’ll send you links to digital content to thank you for your business. 

Please use my CM ID number when ordering - #96470395

Free Artwork on my CM Website

Calendar pages, card templates, overlays, predesigned pages – lots of freebies can be found here! 

The free digital artwork is listed with the digital artwork for sale on my CM website.

free artwork

CMs Project Center is another great place to get inspired!  Complete instructions & ingredients are listed for all projects shown.  The Project Center is divided up into Traditional & Digital sections. You can find the link to the Project Center on the bottom left hand side of my CM website.  


Within the Digital Section you’ll find Freebies (new ones are released every Freebie Friday) & links to CMs idea blog and Tips & Techniques.


My facebook group (also called Lisa’s Workshop) is where I usually first post about CM, scrapbooking & photo related items. 

CMs Go Digital Facebook page is a great place to interact with other SBC+ & MM users.  To see posts by people other than the CM Go Digi page admins click on the tab in the middle of the page under the top section of the page & click on “Posts by Others”



There are some fantastic tutorials in the CM Go Digital FB group.  To access these click on “Tutorials & Freebies” underneath the cover photo.

cm go digi


CM Home Office also has a Facebook page – lots of great info there.

Help Zone on my CM websitehelp

Access the Help Zone by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of my CM website.

help zone

There are multiple sections within the Help Zone – you can choose them by clicking on the categories at the top of the page (the green arrow is pointing to these) or see all of them by clicking on the drop down menu (the red arrow is pointing to these).  Don’t forget to click “Go” if you use the drop down menu.

Pixels 2 Pages 

Pixels2Pages (P2P) is a web-based digital training subscription. The 90-day subscription gives unlimited access to a training and inspiration website featuring videos, training guides, idea galleries, blogs, monthly freebies and learning challenges for SBC+. From beginner to advanced digital users, subscribers will find encouragement to complete projects and learn the full functionality and creative potential of SBC+.

You can get an idea of what P2P is about when you click on the Free Trial tab at the top of the P2P home page.


Rewards club

Exclusive Digital content is sent to you via the Rewards club newsletter.  The Rewards club is a great way to earn 15% on every CM purchase, digital & traditional, with any CM Consultant!

rewards club

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monthly Project Sheets–July 2012

Here’s a quick, fun project.  This would be perfect to do at a home party.  Let me know if you’d like to make one of these with your friends.  Done in about 2 hours & you’ll have a keepsake to cherish forever!

July Monthly Project Recipe List
Nancy O'Dell Recipe 8x8 Quick Album

Product Image
Brown Dual-Tip Pen U.S.

Click here to download the full project instructions.


I love that CM gives you options – sometimes you’d rather do a project digitally, or maybe you’d like to do one project with both traditional pages & also some digital pages.  The Recipe  Kit is available digitally, too.  Order before July 25th & you’ll save 30%!  Like all CM digital content you can choose SBC+ format (if you’re using SBC+) or Universal Format if you’re using a program other than SBC+ .

You can easily scan in those recipes that are in a loved ones handwriting – too precious to adhere to a page, or double sided – and include digital pages side by side traditional.  They’ll look wonderful together!

Product Image

I love to make recipe cards digitally – they’re easy to share electronically or print (either at home or upload with photos) to share a hard copy. Here’s one I recently made.  It’s designed as a 4x6 so it’ll be easy to print. 

watermelon mojito watermarked

Enjoy (the recipe card & drink – they’re delicious)!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decorate your iPhone with SBC+

I recently got an iPhone and with that came the monumental decision of which case/cover to purchase.  There were just too many options – how could I be expected to commit to just one?!  I know there are cheap cases out there but I wanted something a bit sturdier & those cost a bit & I’m too cheap to buy a whole bunch : )

I opted for one with a clear back and thought I’d be able to jazz it up somehow. 

I used my traditional scrapbooking supplies to make this insert:

I traced the case onto the back of scrapbook paper, cut it out & embellished the front side.   I used items from the Enchanted Power Palette – except for the sticker, that is from an older discontinued line.

I love it but it’s lumpy & bumpy and I knew there was a better way…go digital!

I traced the outline of the case again onto black cardstock & scanned it into my computer.  I brought that into Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) and then used the wand tool to isolate the shape of the case.


Then I filled the shape with paper and embellished it digitally.


Here are a few I made using this technique:

Gaels Lacrosse

eat sleep crop


say cheese

Here is a template you can use, either traditionally or digitally.  Be sure to make the template (the outline of the case – not the page itself) 4.5” long and keep the proper aspect ratio so it prints out correctly. If you print the image below as a 4”x6” size it should fit a case for an iPhone 4s with maybe just a little trimming.

iphone4s template

Don’t have SBC+?  You can download a free 30 day trial here or use the template with traditional scrapbooking supplies.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp Crop-a-Lot Fall 2012 Registration is OPEN!!

October 12 – 14 at the Novi Sheraton.  Fun, food, ideas, inspiration & lots of uninterrupted time and space for you to work on whatever your heart desires.  Here is a link to download the registration form.

Camp Crop-a-Lot  @ the Novi Sheraton

Not familiar with our weekend retreats?

Visit the Camp Crop-A-Lot blog to learn all about them & see just a few pictures of the fun we have!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Hexagon Place ‘n’ Punch Ideas

Newest addition to the CM Place ‘n’ Punch tools – Hexagon & Stars were recently introduced.  With the Place ‘n’ Punch line you’re able to punch designs anywhere on your scrapbook paper or page, and use the punched-out shape to decorate.   Product Image
Here are a few ideas using this great new Creative Memories tool
Gratitude Hexagon Place 'n' Punch Card Layout Page Idea
Card is created using the Enchanted Embossed Paper Pack
Hexagons are punched out of the Gratitude  Paper Pack.
Paper Ribbon is from the Gratitude Embellishment Pack.
Epoxy Stickers are from the Enchanted Power Palette.
Complete instructions are here in CMs Project Center
Hexagon Place 'n' Punch Scrapbook Layout Page Idea
This layout uses paper from the Holidazzle paper pack underneath the hexagons punched out of the white cardstock.
Complete instructions & list of items used can be found here.
Hexagon Place 'n' Punch Scrapbook Layout Page Idea
This layout features the Enchanted and Reflections Power Palettes.
Instructions & complete list of items used can be found here.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting Organized with Creative memories!

This is part of a series of tips & freebies I have posted for my Virtual CM Birthday Bash.  You can join in on the fun here – but hurry!  It ends Saturday, July 14th!
(Items shown on this page are all 25% until July 25th!)
1. Sort your stash of photos.  Decide how you are going to divide what you have into albums.  You can sort your photos chronologically, by big event, by family member, or by type of event (i.e. Christmas, school days, birthdays, etc.)  You can use just one of these methods or a combination of methods.  If you are unsure of how you are going to place your photos into albums, then it is probably safest to go with chronological and then you can reorganize later. 
My photos are stored in Power Sort Boxes.
Product Image
Power Sort Boxes
I organize my photos chronologically except those that I have printed for a specific album or project. Those I keep in a Mini File Mate. Each box is labeled on the outside for quick identification (span of years inside the chronologically arranged boxes & project/album for the others.)   Because my photos are organized, whatever I may be looking for is easy to find.  When the boys need a photo for a school project the photos are easy to find because I know which box to look through. 
2.  Lay out/Plan your album.  Sort one album's worth of pictures into chronological order (or whatever order you are using for that album).  This can be done quickly & easily with a Power Layout Kit. You will want to plan what photos you will want to use on each page or 2-page spread, what layout design you want to use (whether your own or one from an idea book), what paper & embellishments you will want to use. Try a Power Palette to simplify things.
Reflections 12x12 Power Palette System
Reflections Power Palette
They help you make beautifully coordinated pages in a snap.  Write up a separate list of all that you need to purchase and any copies of photos you will need to get made and get all of this done before you start the actual creation of pages in you album.
You will want to store your albums in progress either in a 12” File Mate
Product Image
12” Daisy File Mate
or in the Power Layouts box. Be sure to record important info on the backs of your photos with a Photo Labeling Pencil so that you do not forget what you want to say.
3. Organize your supplies.  Develop a system that works for you so that you can always find your supplies when you need them.  Use the different organizers that CM has available to help keep everything in its place.   Here is a great PDF to help you get started.
4.  Keep up!!  Now that you are organized, stay on top of things.  Routinely have your photos printed and when you get photos, organize them right away.  Be sure to date and label them with any information you may not later remember.  One of the best ways to feel as though you are accomplishing something is to stay current.  Don't dwell on all of the photos you have lying around from the last 20 years, but instead focus on finishing what is current.  Once you have your current photos scrapbooked, then you can focus on completing older photos.  This will give you a sense of being "caught up" without seeing years of photos ahead of you and no end in sight.
I have found themed albums much easier to work on vs. an ongoing chronological family album. I have albums for Christmas, Vacations, School, Scouts, etc. It’s just easier for me to work this way. Think about what works for you & then try it out. If you use Side Loading Sleeves you can always rearrange your pages or put them in other albums with very little effort!
5. Digital
For digital photos I can’t say enough great things about Memory Manager! You simply bring your photos into the program and they will be arranged chronologically automatically (according to the date from your camera(s) ). From there you can tag & sort to your hearts delight – allowing you to find that one photo with just a click or two of the mouse. MM can even show you which photos you’ve printed! There are lots of great resources for learning about MM – here is a ton of info from the CM Help Zone.
Memory Manager is on sale for only $19.95! 
Memory Manager 3.0 CD for PC  Memory Manager 3.0 Download for PC
Memory Manager
You can download it instantly (and save s&h charges) or purchase the CD and have it shipped to you.  Hurry, this sale ends July 25th!
Remember:  Keep It Simple, Scrapbooker!!  Simple Pages = Completed Albums!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creating a Facebook Timeline using SBC+

Those Facebook Timelines may or may not be a favorite of yours but one nice thing about them is the large area that is available for you to personalize – and it’s large enough for a mini layout to showcase several favorite pictures! 
With the help of Storybook Creator Plus (SBC+) – Creative Memories’ digital scrapbooking program – you’re able to quickly do just this.  (See below for a couple of ways to do this).
Here are a few Timelines I have used recently
4th watermark

Product Image
made with the Enchanted Digital Power Palette
surfer girl
Product Image
Made with the Delight Surfer Girl Digital Additions
summer fruits
summer sailing
Made with the Reminisce Summer Digital Additions
Product Image

You’re welcome to save any of these images and use them as your timeline (except for the one with me & my family – that would be weird Smile)
Create your own Timeline for Facebook using SBC+
I have 2 techniques to share for doing this. 
First Method shared on Creative Memories Go Digital Facebook Page.  I LOVE this method – I find it very easy!  Donna Kendall put it together for the CM Digi FB team.
1.  Create a new custom project 11.35 x 4.2 inches.  Set tabs at 2.25 on top and 2.75 on the side.
2.  Add papers, embellishments and/or pictures to your project.
3. When finished choose “Save as” from the blue File tab and save your design as a jpg image with a resolution of 72 DPI.
4.  Upload your design to the timeline cover section of your Facebook profile page.
There are some other things to keep in mind (image size & resolution, areas to keep clear for your profile picture, etc.) when designing a timeline and this handout explains all of them wonderfully. 
Second Method - From CMs blog where she creates this timeline:
1.  Create a new product or page. Choose new page or image. Category - Home Display - Page Print 8x8.
2.   Go to Resize (The resize button is on the home page (in advanced mode) within the Canvas area between crop and rotate.)
Unclick the "Maintain the current aspect ratio box" AND unclick the "Resize and reposition elements on the page" - Change Width to 851 PIXELS and Height 315 PIXELS (pixels, not inches!).
3. Insert Enchanted Paper 2 as your background.
4. Insert Enchanted Life Today_Filled. Go to Format - Select Shadow - Select a custom shadow - Change Depth to 0.3 Softness to 0 and Expansion to 0. Change the direction to 5.
5. Insert Enchanted Ribbon-Teal. Go to View - Click Page - Go to Format - Select Shadow - Select a custom shadow - Change Depth to 0.2 Softness to 0 and Expansion to 0. Change the direction to 90.
6. Insert Enchanted Paper 13 - Go to Cut & Fill - Cut the paper to fit under the word art.
7. Cut out a rounded rectangle shape from Enchanted Paper 30 - Will need to resize - Add same shadow as the Teal Ribbon. Copy and paste the rectangle shape and place both rectangles under the word art.
8.. Insert two photos. Place them under the word art. Place each photo on each photo mat. Round the corners of each photo by going to Cut & Fill - Corner Cutter - I selected the rounded corner and played with the size to get it to match up with my photo mat.
9.Save your page as a sbc file and a jpeg. Load the jpeg to your Facebook page for a new custom cover!
*When you are creating your cover please note that your profile picture will be covering up the bottom left corner of your cover page.*
**Also note that Facebook photo quality is not as good as your finished product in SBC 4.0.**
I’d love to see your timeline!