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I've Moved!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

“Business” cards for kids

So, tomorrow is the last day of Preschool for my youngest. He’s off to kindergarten in the fall! He has made so many friends at his Preschool, many have been in the same classes over the past few years. He wanted to give out his phone number so we can arrange play dates over the summer. I created these cards in Storybook Creator Plus, using a freebie frame from the CM Project center. The frame is from the Construction Zone PP Addition - shown here in it's digital form but also available for traditional scrapbookers. The frame had said “Boys and their toys” but I put a box over that & put in Jamie’s name. Added our phone number (blurred out here on the internet) & my name because I’m thinking that even though the Moms have also known each other for a few years – maybe they can’t remember my name and are too embarrassed to ask. I know I can’t be the only one!

Jamie Business Cards - Page 002

I printed a bunch up on cardstock & he'll hand them out tomorrow. Hard to believe we're done with Preschool in our household. Boy the time has flown by!!