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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journal, Journal – JOURNAL!

We all struggle with it – putting our feelings into words but just in case you need a reminder about how important it is to record what’s in your heart – here you go:

My Mom just sent me the most beautiful letter written by Big Jim – my paternal Grandfather.  He wrote the letter after meeting me for the first time.  He was writing the letter to my Dad who was serving in Vietnam.  My Dad wouldn’t get to hold me until I was about 4 months old when he came home from Vietnam.

Big Jim describes the visit he had with my Mom and her parents, my Grandpa Abe & Grandma Nellie, the meals my Mom cooked and other trivial things – about the drive home & at his work that week.  The letter is 3 pages long and filled with lots of details!   Here’s my favorite part:

In looking back over my life – I presume that biggest thrill I ever had was seeing you for the first time a few minutes after you were born, but believe you me, – the thrill of seeing and holding Lisa last Saturday afternoon for the first time, ranks very close to my biggest thrill in life.


I remember Big Jim as a cigar smoking, martini drinking, lovable old Grandpa.   He was fun – I loved spending time with him but I really don’t recall him being a man of many words, just your typical Grandpa stuff.  Of course I knew he loved me, but to see his very own words on paper just makes my heart swell.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the letter – Big Jim was quite taken with me.   I think I may have blushed a bit while reading about how much of a doll I was & how good of a baby I was.  My heart just about exploded when I read him gushing about how I cuddled up to him so nicely when he held me. 

We all have those times in our life when we think our heart will burst because it’s so full of wonderful feelings that we think we’ll remember forever.  YOU WON’T!  Write it down – record it for the people you love.

Big Jim and baby James 

This is Big Jim holding my Dad. 

If he could journal you can, too!!

I have to go get some more tissues and then go journal in my albums. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Just sharing a couple of REALLY quick projects I did today.


The beakers of candies I picked up at WalMart.  They were only $3 each!  The cute little labels are freebies from the CM Project Center –they’re in the Digital Freebies section. I just imported them into SBC+ (instructions for this are on the Project Center) then printed them off onto regular  paper and stuck them onto the bottles.  The center jar is filled with my newest addiction…sour pumpkins by Zachary you can find them at Meijer. 

I cut a circle using the Custom Cutting System out of paper found in the new Halloween Additions Kit and added a sticker from the same kit to the top of the lid.

(This kit is now only available in a Digital format)


Doesn’t get much easier than that!  Thanks for looking!