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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Low Down on Becoming a CM Advisor

It’s been about 7 months since the “New” CM launched and I’m thrilled to report that not only have we seen the return of many favorite products (with more on the way!) but it’s never, ever been easier to earn money, a discount & more while sharing something you love! 

If I had to pick one word to describe the new CM I think it would be simple. Not simple in a boring way, but simple as in super easy to understand.  Simple as in no suffocating rules & regulations, no minimums and straightforward communication from the Home OfficeIt’s refreshing!! 

There are NO MINIMUMS as a CM Advisor.  Only a $49 annual fee!

Most of the questions I get about becoming an Advisor are about the commission.  This is a great snapshot of the earnings plan: (Click to enlarge or right click to save.)


It really is that simple! 

As Advisors, we place our orders on the same website that customers do, via our unique Advisor URL (website link).  At the end of each week our commission is sent via either a check or direct deposit – whichever we choose.

In addition to commission & bonuses, Advisors have access to some products that are not available to customers.  So far these have been deeply discounted former favorite products that are commissionable and count towards our account balance!  CM has also had Advisor-only offers – the latest being a great bundle free with each qualifying order!

US Limited Edition

How does this new CM stack up against the old?
(Click to enlarge or right click to save.)


A few things not mentioned above:

  • Each & every Advisor is included in the “Find An Advisor” feature on the website!
  • OK to sell old (not current) CM product on Ebay
  • OK to use the CM logo in your own designs
  • Each year when you decide to renew your $49 Advisor fee you’ll also have the option of changing who you sign up with!

I have shared some information & thoughts about signing up – especially deciding between signing up under the Home Office or an Advisor in this post.    For me, it makes perfect sense to sign up under an Advisor – it’s just another layer of support!

There is one additional area that needs to be mentioned & that is communication.   Simply put – it’s FANTASTIC - both from the Home Office & TO the HO!!  THEY ARE LISTENING to ALL CM Advisors & customers, too!  CM has conducted several surveys, has an email set up for product suggestions (cmproductsuggestion@outlook.com) and has even left the final decisions on designs for a few new products up to a vote by Advisors. 

CM is weighing all requests carefully & trying to keep all of us happy but at the same time they are trying to make sure that CM will be around for a very long time!  This means that sometimes products we really want may not be available for various reasons. For example, since the return of CM there was an overwhelming request for 8x8 bookcloth coversets from customers and Advisors.  CM brought those back but sales were very low so they have been discontinued.  CM has mentioned that these may make an appearance every now & then as limited editions so if 8x8 bookcloth coversets are a favorite of yours keep your eye out! I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re available.

If you’d like more information about becoming a CM Advisor please don’t hesitate to post a comment or contact me via the “Email Me” link at the top of the blog. 

You’ll find even more information by clicking on “Advisor Program” at the bottom of my CM Advisor Site.


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