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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FSJ Cartridges fit the CM Shape Maker System!!

Wahoo!! Does this look familiar?!!
FSJ Punches works with CM Shape Maker System!! lisasworkshop.blogspot.com
I have heard from very reliable sources that these
Fun Stamper Journey punch cartridges absolutely fit the CM Shape Maker System & vice versa!! Just to be safe I have some ordered so I can make sure myself.  FSJ has so many great cartridges so I decided to check into becoming a FSJ  “coach"  for the discount (trying not to break the bank while still supporting my habit Winking smile )  Super low minimums ($150 per quarter) and a fun product line & no problems selling along with CM...long story short, I'm now a FSJ coach!  

I’m so happy – this is absolutely one of my favorite tools!  It’s so easy to use!!
The Shape Maker System is a better deal from CM - it's $25 and comes with the 2" circle & square. $8 for additional cartridges BUT it’s only available while supplies last.  CM will not be coming out with any more cartridges. FSJ cost is $12.95 for the handle & $6.95 - $11.95 for punches but they don't have a 2" square or circle.   

Even better pricing for CM Advisors and FSJ Coaches – let me know if you want more info about either (or both) of those options!

The large CM Square & Circle Makers punch shapes that are 1.25” and 1.5" The small/mini CM Square & Circle Makers punch shapes that are .75” & 1”.Old CM circle punches - http://lisasworkshop.blogspot.com/Old CM square punches - http://lisasworkshop.blogspot.com/
The CM Shape Maker System punches squares & circles that are 2"
Shown below from back to front: Shape Maker System, large Shape Maker (2), small/mini Shape Maker (2) . The 1.75" square & circle from FSJ should fit right in between the dark blue & light blue!
FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! - http://lisasworkshop.blogspot.com/
To make it easier to grab which Maker I want I adhered the punched out shapes on the side of the Maker (at least those that would fit).  I did this many years ago & they’re holding up pretty well!
Old CM punches - http://lisasworkshop.blogspot.com/
Click here to see these cartridges on my FSJ website or click here to browse all their fun products.  The ribbon at the top of the FSJ home page will help you navigate between product categories.
FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! - http://lisasworkshop.blogspot.com/
I’ll be sure to share my personal experience (and pictures!) with these FSJ cartridges & the CM Shape Maker System handle when my FSJ order comes in.

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