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Thursday, May 28, 2015

CM Discontinues 8x8 Bookcloth Albums (and more)

With lots of new products on the horizon, the CM Home Office has announced certain products are being discontinued. Beginning Monday, June 1 the following items will be sold "while supplies last":
Little Lady 12x12 Fast2Fab
Mr. Mister 12x12 Fast2Fab
Orchid You Not 8x8 Fast2Fab
Yellow 12x12 Album Cover
Spring Green Dual-Tip Pen
9" Trimmer
8x8 bookcloth album covers

According to the Home Office, even though 8x8 bookcloth album covers were highly requested, they have been very poor sellers.
We may see 8x8 bookcloth albums come back from time to time in future LE promotions. Refill pages for the Orchid You Not, Little Lady and Mr. Mister Fast2Fab Albums will remain available for purchase after the albums are discontinued.
As always, if you see something you'd like to have, please place your order as early as possible. We never know how long these items will be available.
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