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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CTMH NEW Pages in Creative Memories Albums

A huge “Thank You” to Close to my Heart Consultant, Tammy Graham for sharing her photos & reviews of the new Sideloading CTMH pages!  When you are shopping on your CTMH Consultants website you’ll see these listed as “12x12 Memory Protectors Strap Side Load”  Don’t have a CTMH consultant?  Head on over to Tammy’s CTMH website!

Below are Tammy’s photos & comments.  You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge them.

All 25 pages in the album.


You can see just a bit of the page protectors at the bottom and top of the spine area. The protectors do extend further into the spine area than regular pages.


Looking down at the album, the protectors do not stick out at all.


CTMH SL with CM Black pages - it lays very flat at this point.


CTMH SL pages under a black page inside the album. There is a small border all around the black page from the SL pages.


A close up of this edge


The edge of the album with page protectors and a few true black CM pages. They end at about the same place if you were planning to mix and match.


View from the top of the album.


The pages do have a "hump" in the middle (it could use one more strap there). I am not sure , but I think to get the pages to lay more flat you would have to use cardboard spacers.


I have the strap a little tighter on the bottom, but I still think there is going to be a bit of an issue with the album laying flat without the cardboard spacers.


Toward the front



Toward the front, you can see the one side is higher.


Toward the middle



The last pages


The opening of the album.


Showing the top corner so you can see the edge of the protectors.


Looking down on the spine area without the cover.


Looking at the CTMH SL pages loaded next to regular CM pages. The CM pages are flush, while the CTMH SL pages stick out a little further into the spine. However, with the cover on this really isn't noticeable or an issue.


The album closed.


Thanks, again, Tammy!  Looks like these are a great option!

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