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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ahni & Zoe now offering plain white pages & protectors

Though Creative Memories has changed it's name to "ahni & zoe by Creative Memories" and the product line is vaguely familiar they’ve seemed to leave traditional scrapbookers in the dust.  Until now.  Cue the entrance of an old favorite - plain, white, blank pages with page protectors.  These are available indefinitely. (Sorry – not sure exactly what this means but it’s what AZ has said.)

Of course, there is more to this story:
1) The regular line of products in the "new" company are LARGER than the old. I have no idea if these pages are the exact same size as the True 12x12 ones produced until August 2013.  Edited to add:  According to many posts on the A&Z Facebook page, these new pages are the same size as the old ones.   I’ll post if I get new info.  The new albums are NOT bookcloth covered.  They are "Soft Touch Laminate," a plastic I've heard referred to as something similar to those rubber pants they used to put over cloth diapers...with a sort of waxy feel to it…or dolphin skin.  Either way, it’s not bookcloth.
2) The "new" company has said they do NOT test for photo safety any longer.  It is one of the many, many reasons I am no longer a consultant.  This information is NOT listed that way on their website.  I had gone back & forth with the company trying to get specific information regarding the tests they use to ensure their products are safe and they could not (or would not) provide this information.  The "standards" they mention on their website are about the durability of the album and it's pages - not about scientific testing done to ensure that the photos and memorabilia you place on the pages will be around for future generations to enjoy.
3) I will be honest and tell you that the company does appear to continue to have financial difficulty.  They're financials are public info and their income is still less than their expenses. PLEASE be careful when ordering to only use a credit card.  Beware - the new return policy for albums is ... unique, for lack of a better word.   If you buy an album with it's pre-designed pages and are not happy with it you are not able to return it (despite their “Happiness Guarantee.”)   However, if you put all your photos and journaling in the album and are unhappy there is no problem…simply return the COMPLETED album - yes, including the photos - and you should receive a product credit - NOT a refund.  

On a more personal note...I have very mixed feeling towards this company.  I feel that they abandoned many customers and consultants but I do not wish to see them fail.  After all, If they fail they can not pay back the money they collected from sales of products that were supposed to go to the Make a Wish Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or the money that they (legally) took from many, many CMCs retirement funds.

Link to the blank pages & protectors on the Ahni & Zoe/Creative Memories web site.  PLEASE be sure to select a consultant if you order…if you don’t AZ/CM makes all the money.Sad smileDespite A&Z  saying this is a good thing for consultants I don’t think it is.

I'll continue to provide information so you can make an informed decision.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I see you're still skeptical about A&Z. Have you checked out CTMH recently? They are heavily invested in keeping CM customers happy as they are now supporting the Australia and NZ former CM consultants. Close to My Heart now offers strap hinge side loading page protectors and are maintaining the acid free quality you're used to. I'd love to chat with you about it and let you test drive a page protector. They can also be trimmed and converted to protect your current CM pages. Hop on over to my blog and email me if you want more info.

  2. Oops! I see you are a happy customer of Tammy's! Enjoy!