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Friday, March 8, 2013

Think Vertical! Tips to Maximize Cropping Space!

As scrapbookers, most of us seem to have quite a few items we just have to have while cropping.  Here are a few tips for maximizing your space while cropping – at home or away – using some items you might have already.

A portable shelf or two can help make the most of your cropping space. Stackable baking/cooling racks are great for this as well as locker shelves that fold up or those white wire shelves used in cupboards. This is a great place to keep your Personal & Rotary Trimmers, Tape Runner & other tools that you use frequently.

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Stackable Locker shelves – you can usually get a good deal on these when the Back to School sales are going on.clip_image002

A coffee mug tree is a great place to hang your Custom Cutting System pieces & scissors.


Most wine racks can be a used to store your Pen Cases filled with your CM pens. You may need to put a piece of cardboard on the bottom of each opening before placing your pen cases in first.  You can also use plastic cups to hold items.


Kitchen/desk organizers – especially the kind that spin and have spots for different utensils - can be a great place to store scissors, rulers, pens, etc.

Think out of the box – you never know what items you have around the house that can help you get organized while cropping.