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Friday, March 8, 2013

Packing Tips for A Crop

Have you noticed the amount of time and energy you spend packing up EVERY SINGLE scrapbooking tool/supply that you own, just in case you may need it?

- Then most of it gets packed back up and taken home, even though it was never touched!

Do you sit at your seat, surrounded by so much stuff that you can’t think straight?

Take comfort – you’re not alone!!

Here are some tips to help eliminate these problems:

  • Sort your pictures ahead of time. Get an idea of what layouts & projects you want to work on.  The Power Sort Box is a great way to store and/or transport your photos. Depending on how many photos you have you can bring just use one or both Compartment Covers paired with the Compartment Boxes, which allow you to transport up to 400 photos.

Product Image

  • Visit the Project Center or Creative Memories Catalogs for inspiration.  Decide on some layouts you’d like to create.  Use the C.A.S.E. method – Copy And Steal Everything!  Scraplifiting is encouraged – why reinvent the wheel? 
  • Select your cardstock, patterned paper, Photo Mats for your layout along with coordinating elements.  If you know you’ll be using certain punched shapes go ahead & punch those out ahead of time.  Same goes for Cricut cuts.
  • Use POWER PALETTES! Consisting of lots of coordinating papers, stickers precut photo mats & journal boxes - this fantastic system takes the guess work out of creating beautiful pages in a snap.

Product Image

CM’s newest Power Palette – Vintage Chic

  • Make a list of the items needed for your layouts, include a sketch or picture of your inspiration. Note any items you need to purchase at the crop to complete the layouts. Let me know when you arrive what you’re looking for & I’ll help you find it.
  • Store these pre-planned layouts in the Daisy 12x12 Filemate or the Racking System in the Daisy Cart.
  • If you can’t pre-plan your layouts consider packing items from the 2-3 colors families that you use most often and leave the rest behind. This will significantly reduce your choices and help you to work MUCH faster! I will have lots of paper & embellishments for sale if you come to a page that just has to have a color other than what you brought.  You can always add embellishments later, too.
  • Then there is no need to bring your entire Custom Cutting System with you. Bring only your mat, blades and the CCS patterns you use the most. If after you get there you change your mind and need to cut a wavy frame, or a heart, I will have all of the CCS patterns available for you to use.
  • Assuming you have at least one buddy going with you, have just one person in your group bring their Shape Makers. Or, have one person bring the large ones, and another person bring the minis. That way you can all share. If nothing else, bring those you use the most and use mine (I will bring them all!)
  • Tools fit beautifully in the Tools Organizer

Pack light – most people don’t use half of what they bring and you can always go back to your layouts and add something when you get home!

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