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I've Moved!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Showcase = NEW PRODUCTS!

Welcome everyone – “old” & new!  I am going to have some special offers for orders placed on my CM website in September!  Also for those that order a Cricut Expressions 2 in October!

Stay tuned for details!

I’m chatting with friends who are at Showcase (CM’s national convention) and getting the scoop from all of my sources about the new products that will be available next month.  When I first posted the products hadn’t even been announced yet but I was so happy to be able to post about them and even include pic or two!  I’ll continue to update this post with info as it becomes available!

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I have separate posts for these categories:

CM Exclusive Cricut Expressions 2 –Exclusive Best of Times Cartridge!  Available to order October 1st.   More info coming Cricut reps will be on stage Saturday at around 1:30 EST!

Think Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Collection - Album, papers, embellishments, ribbon maker/punch.  A portion of the proceeds from the new Think Pink Collection will go toward supporting breast cancer research.
Reflections Collection - Albums, Power Palette w/paper, stickers & paper embellishments, digital content, Every Day Displays, Photo Organizing boxes & more!
Gratitude Collection - and other items in the Nancy O'Dell collection (I rolled my eyes at first, too, but I was wrong!  She's all about creating a legacy & teaching the movie stars in Hollywood how to scrapbook! Really!

***Shameless Upline Plug:***

My Upline – Amy – on the bottom right in the picture below.  She’s on stage now!  She’s been testing the new Party Plan…details to come soon in a separate post)


Digital info & products below the Traditional stuff!

Here’s the info I have so far!

Cricut information to be announced around 1:30 (MN time?) Saturday afternoon!

Changes to the Party Plan & Hostess rewards -

We’ll have 4 party formats - Organize, Displays, Albums, and Create It Your Way.  Something for just about everyone and more choices for those who like to host multiple times!!  The new catalog will include these categories for easy shopping!

Remember – I am happy to offer catalog and virtual parties for friends that are not nearby or able to have an in-home event!!

Hostess rewards will be on a tiered scale with the top level earning 20% of party sales!!

New Rewards Club! 


This will be a chance for me to give back to my customers who helped make CM their “favorite” brand and me their favorite CM Consultant! 

Annual membership fee of $39.  Beginning in September with a bonus credit of an additional $10 for the month!!

One of the first thing you’ll receive when you enroll is an instant sign up reward of $10 in Club credit to be applied to your first order.  Club customers receive a 15% credit on purchases & EXCLUSIVE product.  I think the first gift will be a Halloween Club Pack! Maybe this:


Yay! I love taking care of my customers – they are the of my business!!!

See the bottom of this post for info geared towards CM Consultants (which we always need more of!) and those that believe in the mission of “Preserving our past, enriching the present & inspiring hope for the future.”


New Tape Runner – easy drop in cartridges & NO MORE THREADING!   (LOL at the video)

Personalized traditional coversets!!  It's the same or similar material that  the hardcover  Storybooks are made with but on a traditional coverset. You can do full photos, artwork, etc.  Absolutely brilliant.

Custom Albums - the BEST in the industry
Full Photo Covers
Custom Templates
Full Custom using SBC or SBCStudio


Digital not your thing but still want to have one of these coversets?  I’m happy to help!  Contact me and I can design it for you, order it and have it shipped to your door!

Create them yourself or with help from your CMC!

Premium Storybooks that lay flat allowing for panoramic photos or great double page spreads (that would be one big page, I guess Smile

Think Pink Collection with Paper, Embellishments and a new Ribbon Maker

More Pictures in a separate post here!



Classic Stickers shown in this post

Classic School 
Classic Nature 
Classic New Christmas
Classic Halloween
Classic Thanksgiving                                                                                    Classic Patriotic 
Classic New Years

Jumbo-Gratitude-Titles (3/pk)

Embellishments- Frightful Halloween
Embellishments- Think Pink
                                                                                                                           Reflections Power Palette –TOO MANY Pictures!  I put them in a separate post.  Album, Power Palette, ED Display!  Click Here!

Reflections Power Palette

Paper-Think Pink Specialty Paper Pack 10pk

Paper-Frightful Halloween Paper Pack 10pk    

Paper-12x12 Cardstock-Platinum Shimmer 10pk - part of the Reflections Collection 
Paper-12x12 Cardstock-White Shimmer 10pk - part of the Reflections Collection 
12x12Additions Reflections Autumn/Winter
12x12 Additions Reflections Spring/Summer

12x12 Additions – Autumn

 Gratitude Collection – more in this post


Gratitude Quick & Easy (Picfolio – pocket album)



 Scallop Tearing Tool – Gratitude Collection      


Makers – Ribbon (Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Collection)


Power Sort-Reflections-Box

Mini Everyday Display –Weathered Natural – part of the Gratitude Collection

Everyday Display-Sleek-White  - part of the Reflections Collection 

Everyday Display-Sleek-Black – part of the Reflection Collection

Mini Display Accents-Love     

Display Accents-2012 Calendar  - part of the Reflection Collection


The Reflections albums below – with a pocket you can slide in a photo or other item to personalize the albums.         albums

11x14 Expandable Photo Album-Reflections

4x6 Photo Album-Reflections 

11x14 Expandable Photo Album-Gratitude  

12x12 Large-Pocket Pages   WAHOO!!!

Black 13x9 Album 
13x9 Expandable Photo Album-Black

12x12 Expandable Photo Album-Black


12 True Coverset-Reflections

12 True Coverset-Gratitude

Photo Album Accents-Cheerful School
Photo Album Accents-Fabulous
Photo Album Accents-Gratitude
Photo Album Accents-Reflections
Photo Album Accents-Rugged

Simply Said Book-Teacher     


PS-Simply Said Book-Hope  


PS-Simply Said Book-Just Between Friends

StoryBook Creator Plus 4.0 Upgrade
Over $60 of free content, including:
Serene Digital Kit
Serene Digital Overlays
Serene Digital Alpha Set
Just Fun Digital Kit
Just Fun Digital Overlays
Just Fun Digital Alpha Set
2012 Calendar 12x18 Digital Predesigned Pages
2012 Calendar 8x12 Digital Predesigned Pages
$24.95 U.S./$26.95 CAN
StoryBook Creator Plus 4.0
Over $75 of free content, including:
Cheerful Digital Power Palette
Cheerful 12x12 Predesigned Pages
Cheerful 11x8.5 Predesigned Pages
Black & White Digital Power Palette
Black & White 12x12 Predesigned Pages
Black & White 11x8.5 Predesigned Pages
2012 Calendar 12x18 Digital Predesigned Pages
2012 Calendar 8x12 Digital Predesigned Pages
$64.95 U.S./$69.95 CAN

New Digital Products:

CD-Reflections  Seasons Additions                                                               CD-Ashby Series Content Collection
CD-Reflections Content Collection

From the Photo Center:

Metallic Page Prints coming soon

Canvas prints in these sizes: 18x18, 24x24, 13x17, and 17x22 with black, white or mirrored edge options.

12x16 Storybook option 

Pixels2Pages will offer a subscription to their site for a fee – this is a great spot for digital scrapbooking training! (I would think the free content is to be done away with or greatly reduced – head over there to get it in case it disappears!)

New Digital Blueprint here

CMC Tidbits

Quote from Aleks (the new CM President) addressing the CMCs at Showcase Friday morining:

"Let me share something I've noticed about you since I came her just 6 months ago. YOUR belief in what you do goes deeper than anything I've seen in my 18 years of direct selling. You connect with your customers like no other. You build relationships that go way deeper and learn so much about them."
Someone posted he has made gorgeous scrapbooks...his wife is a children's photographer.

I think he “gets” it!

FlipPal available at a discount – don’t think this is going to be added to our product line but could help you with your business.  It is portable & allows you to scan photos & other items.

Note: none of this has been “officially” released by CM in the US yet – but my sources are pretty reliable!  I’ll correct any incorrect info if needed!


  1. I con't wait. I see some thing i need to buy.
    Thanks for giving us a seek peek

  2. YAY and WOW! Thanks for posting.

  3. what size is the blueprint?? looks like 8 1/2 by 11?

  4. When is the new version of storybook being released?? I can't wait!

  5. The upgrade for SBC+ is due out sometime in September - I'll post when I get a more definite time :)