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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More info about Cricut Expressions 2–with Exclusive CM Content!!

Welcome everyone – “old” & new!  I am going to have some special offers for orders placed on my CM website in September!  Also for those that order a Cricut Expressions 2 in October!  Stay tuned for details!

Most new products will be available to order September 1st on CMC’s websites. If you’re in need of a CM Consultant I’m here to help!  I’m in SE Michigan but you can order from my CM website & have it shipped anywhere in the United States!

(Lots of great new products being launched at CM’s Showcase convention – see this post for details about all of them!)

I have a little bit more Cricut E2 info in this post – nothing to be updated – gives info about the features of the machine.

The 2 cartridges that are included are Cricut American Alphabet cartridge and the Cricut Essentials – in addition to the exclusive-to-Creative Memories Best of Times sampler cartridge.

Cricut® Expression 2 Features:
• Larger, faster and full color LCD touch-screen display with s stylus – no more keypad overlays!
• Material setting – choose a default setting for materials you use most often, like cardstock, regular paper, chipboard or more. OR you can customize your own material setting.
• Image Sizing – now on the same mat, you can have images of all different sizes. You can customize your image sizes to fit your pages, so it saves on materials.
• Layer View – you can see all of the creative features and layers right on the screen, including shift layers. So there’s no need to keep referring to the handbook.

Creative Memories is participating in a national 3-month Cricut® promotion beginning Sept. 1. All participating Cricut products will include a special code that can be entered to win all sorts of prizes, like machines, cartridges and even a cruise!  A CMC just won a cruise from Provo Craft at Showcase!  I’m so going next year!!  Come with me!!!  More info HERE about joining my team!!

Only the Cricut Expression® 2 machines sold through Creative Memories Consultants comes with 2 full cartridges and will include a bonus Creative Memories exclusive Best of Times Sampler Cartridge – for the same suggested retail price of $299.99.  

Creative Memories is leading the way – we are the first in the world to pre-order this machine. They will not be sold anywhere else until the end of September when they will be available during a one-day HSN event. Then, in stores by mid-October.   You can order on October 1st.   CM will receive priority shipping over retail – so when the stores will be clamoring to get them, ours will ship FIRST



layer view



Click the picture to see it larger – most of the details are also listed further below!cricut e 2 - Page 001

Here are a few of the images from the Best of Times Sampler Cartridge:


Features & Benefits:
Provo Craft has taken everything you love about the Cricut Expression® machine and made it even better. The new machine is packed with fun new features like a full-color LCD touch screen, material settings, a cutting-area light and much more!

The Cricut Expression® 2 machine will do everything the Cricut Expression® machine can, plus these exciting new features:
• Compatible with ALL original Cricut® cartridges, plus Cricut Imagine® Art cartridges. (The Cricut Expression® 2 machine can cut images from Art cartridges, but it cannot print.)
• Larger, faster, full-color LCD touch-screen display with stylus. No keypad overlay required.
• Mat Preview: See the shapes you’re cutting and where they fit on the mat before you cut.
• Material Setting: Choose a default setting for materials you like to cut (cardstock, regular paper, chipboard, etc.), OR customize a material setting.
• Cutting-Area Light: A light underneath the cutting area to let you see where you’re cutting on the mat.
• Layer View: See all creative features and layers right on the screen, including shift layers. No need to keep referring back to the handbook.
• Independent Image Sizing: Now you can size each image on its own. Make one image 3 inches and another one 5½ inches and so on – all on the same mat. It’s totally up to you.
• Multiple Mat Cutting: Now you can cut as many images as you want, even if the images won’t all fit on one mat. Use up to six mats. Simply input the number of images you’d like, press cut, and the machine will prompt you when to load the next mat.
• Apply All: Apply all the edits (scale, flip, rotate, etc.) you do for one image to all the images on a mat at the same time with just one button. 
• Image Spacing: Control the amount of space between shapes or letters on your mat.
• Pause Feature: Pause cutting in the middle of a cut, then resume where you left off.

The Cricut Expression® 2 machine for Creative Memories includes one Creative Memories exclusive sampler cartridge that will not be available in the retail version. The Best of Times Sampler Cartridge comes with a brochure that highlights all the fun shapes that can be cut.

The Cricut Expression® 2 machine also comes with:
• 2 full cartridges: Cricut American Alphabet and Cricut Essentials. These cartridges are preloaded and come with printed handbooks.
• a 12"x12" cutting mat
• three port covers
• one LCD screen protector
• quick start guide and user manual
• blade assembly
• stylus
• power adapter
• and USB cable

Shipping & Handling:
Shipping and Handling for the Cricut Expression® 2 machine is different from other Creative Memories products. Cricut Expression® 2 machines will ship in a separate carton. Therefore, the shipping and handling charges will be calculated separately. Below are the rates. The standard shipping rules apply to additional products on the order.
              Standard              $8.50
              3-Day                  $15.50 (I think this is only available if the order is placed via a CM Consultant on our network)
              2-Day                  $20.00
              Overnight           $41.00

Hope that helps!!  I’ll post more info if/when I get it about the E2!


  1. Any idea when this will be available?

  2. You'll be able to order it October 1st!

  3. great blog! Do you have any suggestions of what kind of bag or tote will work with the expression 2? I'm new to this and can't determine if the expression 1 bags will work with the E2? I've seen some reviews that said it did not, but I can't seem to find any that say what will work! Thank you

  4. Soonermom - I will look into that. I haven't heard anything either way & now I'm curious :)