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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunshine & Rainbow

Today’s Friday Featured Project over at Creative Life Scrapbooking is a fun, simple way to brighten up your pages. 

CLS Friday Featured Project - Lisa's Workshop
This comes together quickly thanks to the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System.

If you’re not familiar with the CCS Labeling System please see this earlier post.

Using the CCS and the Circle Patterns I cut the following circles:
Red – 3OB
Orange – 3OG
Yellow – 3OR
Green – 2OB
Blue – 2OG
Indigo – 2OR
Violet - 1OB
Inside of Rainbow/Background paper – 1OR

CLS Friday Featured Project - Lisa's WorkshopYou can see from the photo above that the circles don’t match up exactly.  There is a bit of a gap between circles cut from different patterns.

CLS Friday Featured Project - Lisa's Workshop
I nestled the circles together a bit towards the top and then adhered them all together, cutting this large circle in half to make a rainbow. 

CLS Friday Featured Project - Lisa's Workshop
To make the clouds, I used the (no longer available) Word Bubble Punch and snipped off that little pointy bit.  I outlined these with the bold tip of a Dual Tipped blue pen to help them stand out a little.

CLS Friday Featured Project - Lisa's Workshop
I placed a circle in the center of the rainbow cut from cardstock that matched the background paper to make it look like an arch instead of a circle.

The sun was also made using the CCS – I added strips of paper for the rays.
Orange - 3IG
Yellow – 3IB

Hope this brightens your day!

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