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I've Moved!
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Monday, November 30, 2015


(See below for sale info & promo code)
Are you still using CM’s Memory Manager and/or a version of Storybook Creator?Still using MM? You NEED to switch to Historian.Still using SBC? You NEED to switch to Artisan.
Panstoria (the company that created this software for CM) is now Forever and if you're still using Storybook Creator and/or Memory Manager you're going to want to make the switch to Artisan and/or Historian. While these "new' programs (created by Panstoria) are pretty much the same as SBC, SBC+ &/or MM,  the CM versions of these programs are no longer supported.  The time will come, sooner or later, when you won't be able to use SBC and/or MM. Also, after the end of January you will no longer be able to print directly from Storybook.  To continue to use these programs you’ll need to switch to Artisan (SBC+) and Historian (MM).  Forever/Panstoria has a fantastic sale going on right now - 30% off sitewide (including software) with the promo code SAVE30. I'm sad to say my days as an affiliate with Panstoria are coming to an end. I still love these programs, and will continue to use them, but I have no interest in the "forever" storage options. Unfortunately, you can't be an affiliate for one without the other - and it costs a pretty penny to join Forever, either as a customer or an affiliate. So, for now you can visit Panstoria/Forever via my affiliate link (and thank you for your support!). NOTE: DO NOT upgrade to Artisan 5 if you don't have a 64 bit version of Windows! You can upgrade to Artisan 4 if you have a 32 bit version.

Huge Sale at Forever.com (Panstoria - SBC+ - MM)
Save 30% with promo code SAVE30 until Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 Pacific Time.
I am happy to report that I had no issues switching to Artisan and Historian.  I switched over as soon as these programs were available.  My content came over seamlessly with the upgrade to Artisan 5 and Historian works with your existing Memory Vaults.  The switch was very painless. 
Artisan 5 has a lot of nice updates. Some of my favorites include:
  • Two-page editing is a breeze!
  • Alignment Guides – super easy to keep things lined up
  • Strokes – these are photo & shape borders in different patterns
  • Font manager – the ability to sort fonts on your computer into categories!

Where to go to for help with Artisan & Historian?
P2P - great resource for Artisan (SBC+) and Historian (MM)!
I have been a member of Pixels2Pages for a while now. They offer great support and some goodies each month, too.  They are my go-to spot when I have a question/issue with these programs. 

Click on “Resources” at the top of the page or some very helpful FREE support regarding these changes.

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