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I've Moved!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Ahem…sorry for shouting.  I’m just a tad excited!!! 

White, Raspberry, Brown, Royal Blue and Black Milled (solid core) Cardstock are now available in the Going Gone! section of my CM Advisor website. Sold in single-color packs of 10 for $10, all are while supplies last.

CM Solid Cardstock - Lisa's Workshop

This solid core, smooth-like-butter cardstock is same as what the “old” CM offered. Exactly. Same supplier, quality, photo safety, the works!  In fact, CM is even using the 2013 SKU numbers!

You know I'm not one to push sales but I would like to remind you about what happened with the 8x8 albums. LOTS of people said they wanted these and CM brought them back, but they weren’t great sellers so CM removed the 8x8 albums & pages from the product line. If you like it buy it Smile I guess I am pushing sales - but I LOVE CMs CARDSTOCK and hoping that if they see good numbers with these colors they’ll bring back more (oh, how I miss my CM Cranberry cardstock)!

Update: If you’re hoping to order these beauties CM just shared they are going fast!  You can find the Spring, Pastel & Elegant Embellishments in the Going Gone! category on my Advisor web site.

Bling - Lisa's Workshop

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