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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Products from CM Coming Soon!

Coming Jan 2!

Strut Your Stuff (left) and Sunshine Getaway (right). There's a coordinating Fast2Fab Album, Paper Pack and Slide-in Pack.
Each are available separately to mix and match with coversets if bookcloth is your preference. Cobalt goes with Strut Your Stuff like Santa & elves. And Sunshine Getaway goes with the new Sand Shimmer Blossom like surf & turf. Moss looks great too.

There are more products on their way in January! 
In addition to Jan. 2, we expect a mid-month and end-of-month launch. Some product lead times are 3-5 months, so it may be a little while before new products sync up perfectly with quarterly launches. So what else is coming?
12x12 Designer Cardstock Packs: Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Shades of Green (Wahoo!!!)
Corner Rounder
11x14 Multi-Pocket Pages (yes, really - to fit PicFolio Coversets!)
12" Rotary Replacement Mat
7" Personal Trimmer (with the drawer and everything!

There will be a 12x12 Sand Shimmer Blossom Coverset available Jan. 2 & CM needed help deciding on the foil color.

Neutrals are always in style...though sometimes it's nice to have a splash of color.
For the new Sand Shimmer Coverset, the Home Office team was evenly split. Some loved the elegance of the Sand with silver blossoms, others with a soothing sea blue.

They can only make one version, so they took a quick survey yesterday.  Whichever color gets more votes is the one they'll offer beginning next Friday (Jan. 2). 

I am so excited...for the return of old favorite products & wonderful new products but most of all because they are listening!!!

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