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I've Moved!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sign-ups for CM Advisors have begun!


The New CM website is live! 

Not only can you see all the new products that are available but you can also sign up to be an Advisor!

I’m spending some time going over the Policy & Procedures associated with becoming an Advisor and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be signing up!

The latest from the New CM:

The New CM is ready for you!  Before you go...there are a few very important things to note:

Signing up under someone: if you're planning to sign under someone, you MUST wait for them to sign up first and send you their link. If you go straight to the site and do not follow someone's link, you will be signing directly with Home Office. You can do either; it is your choice. But please choose carefully, as the next opportunity to change your upline will be at your renewal in 12 months.

Step-by-step signup: Please take a quick look at this Blog Post with the (visual) steps to sign up as an Advisor and set up your link. It will save you time, we promise.

Sign up as an Advisor FIRST and complete that order. Then go back and order product. You cannot order product with an Advisor membership. And of course you'll want your first order to count toward your Advisor Account Balance.

Montana: our legal team has come across a surprise, which is that the state of Montana does not allow direct sales businesses to operate without going through an approval process. So if you're a Montanan, sadly you will not yet be able to sign up or order. Please know we're working on getting those approvals as quickly as we can.

Site "Propagation:" With any brand-new website, it takes time to make its way around the internet. So if you get an error message, it means it hasn't made its way to your locality yet. Hit refresh now and then.
That's it! Follow your upline Advisor's link or visit

We hope you enjoy it!!

Your CM Home Office Team

Links to some helpful info about signing up as an Advisor:

Policies & Procedures – US, Canada

Advisor Compensation US, Canada

Advisor Agreement US, Canada


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