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Monday, October 13, 2014

Last Call for the Sheraton!!



We’ll be scrapbooking October 17 – 19 at the Novi Sheraton, located in Southeastern Michigan – not too far from Hobby Lobby, IKEA and a wonderful local scrapbooking store, Scrappy Chic,  (among other wonderful places.)  Michigan has some other wonderful places, too!

We still have a few spaces available but final counts need to be turned in this Wed!  Please contact me asap if you’re interested in attending our weekend retreat at the Novi Sheraton.  

I love our retreats.  They’re not bargain basement priced but the retreat organizers try very hard to make sure that they are worth every dollar spent! We know how hard it is to get away – even for an afternoon, let alone a whole weekend! We’ve done our best to keep costs down while upping the pampering factor as much as we can!

eat sleep crop

Our retreat has somewhat of an unconventional set-up.  Scrapbookers are in one ballroom on the first floor as well as in all the conference rooms on the 2nd floor.  This set up allows us to host a large numbers of croppers (50 - 100) while keeping the rooms filled comfortably - making it easy to carry on a conversation, move around, etc.  I’ve been involved in weekend retreats in one mega-room.  I didn’t mind them until we switched to this layout.  Gone are the never-ending rows of tables smooshed up against one another, where we’re struggling to talk over the din of the other croppers.  Yes, we’re separated a bit but we’re just across the hall from one another.  Mingling is encouraged and happens frequently Smile 

Scrapbookers are the nicest kind of people! 

We know how valuable your time away is and aren’t going to keep bugging you with sales pitches or product demos during our retreat.  Hoping to help you make the most of your time, we keep the interruptions and extra events to a minimum – and they’re always optional.  We do have scrapbook related products for sale throughout the weekend and there are lots of door prizes that can be won by any retreat attendee.

The Queen of the Crop (QOTC) raffle is a favorite (one lucky winner gets her next weekend on the house complete with extra pampering and spoiling!)


We also have a vendor show on Saturday afternoon (in a room separate from croppers.)  A masseuse and also an album embosser are available throughout the weekend for an additional charge if you would like to use their services.

Fall Boutique

It’s just a few days away from our next retreat (thank goodness!!!!!) so maybe there isn’t enough time for you to arrange for your departure to make it this time (trust me, I KNOW how much work it is to get away!)  I hope that if you’re looking for a fun, relaxing weekend you’ll consider coming to our retreat.  If you can add an extra day (or more) I’m happy to play tour guide & suggest some spots to visit based on your interests & time available.  I love Michigan & am happy to pass on some suggestions for side trips if you need them.

One thing I have to say is that we try very, very hard to keep our retreats drama free.  We work hard to make sure that everyone receives the same, fair & consistent pampering (except the QOTC who gets extra!) We know that not everyone will find our retreat a good fit & that’s o.k.   We try to be as up front as possible - you can read a bit about our weekends on our blog and if you have any questions please, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Fall Retreat‘'

This is a pic of the hotel rooms before the Novi Sheraton recently remodeled but the beds are still the same. THANK GOODNESS!!! I’ve never slept on a better bed!

12x12 pages - Page 003

We eat very well during the retreat!

2 things that are very popular & I don’t see changing in the near future:  Roasted veggies as part of the offerings for Sunday lunch and Chocolate Mousse for dessert (at least once during the weekend!)

2010 12x12 pages - Page 002

See you at the Sheraton! 

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