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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The New CM

CM  is getting ready to launch!  More details were revealed in a Webinar held today with Caleb Hayhoe, owner of Flowerdale Group which purchased the rights to the names CM, AZ & some of their equipment (more info here.)

The new company – to be called “CM” will offer products from both Ahni & Zoe & Creative Memories!   CM promises it will be a simple product line in the beginning but more will be introduced in the future.

The new company wants to ensure that they can have businesses that last! 


Offerings from the AZ line

F2F albums have  laminated paper covers.  F2F will come with pages.


Offerings from the CM line 

BOOKCLOTH Coversets – do not come with pages.



All albums & pages will be true 12”x12”


The Vintage, Primary, Bright, and Neutral Paper Packs will coordinate with the FasT2FaB designs. 

One side will be solid – the other in a simple pattern.

Business Plan

It sounds like the new business will be a hybrid of direct sales and an affiliate program – it is supposed to be SIMPLE to understand!

It will allows the opportunity for people to run business as you wish.  If you want to be a workshop consultant or build a team the business will be flexible so you can have the business that YOU want. 

CM is moving away from career levels, rules of minimums.  There is no kit to purchase & no minimums.

CM will launch first to AZ consultants – probably in late October, then to the rest of the world.

AZ Leaders will be starting all over again – there will be no way to keep your team structure.

***For now – there are no restrictions on being a rep with other companies ***

Advisors are the new Consultants.


3.  Advisors – Low annual fee; Discount/profit based on volume; Earning % on Advisors under you; Rewards for group activity.

2. Preferred Customers – for those that love the products & would like special perks.  - Low annual fee; Discount on products; Access to Advisor promotions.

1. Customers – can purchase in person, online or via a link provided by Advisors.



Specific details regarding the % discounts and fees are supposed to be shared in next week’s call.

I am very excited to learn more details & will share when I do!!

UPDATE:  You can watch/listen to the video of the webinar here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96AzLXXK9vM#t=33


  1. Thank you so much for this news, Lisa!! I appreciate it SO MUCH!! Now, maybe we can all relax a little bit??? Lisa Edwards

  2. Lisa, I'm thinking it's assumed that these will be part of the new line, but was anything mentioned about page protectors?

  3. Hi Lisa, I am a former A&Z/CM consultant and I did not get any info about this webinar or any product/new company news. Can you direct me to how I can find out the scoop? Alana Harvey (cmalana@bellsouth.net)