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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Huge Red Flag for Ahni & Zoe!

CM was never big on social media.  There was a time when CMCs were forbidden from even mentioning online that they were consultants.  We couldn’t share our work online or promote our business without the threat of deactivation.  I know of CMCs that were actually deactivated because they dared to share ideas featuring CM products online on a message board.  Heck, I was slapped on the hand by CM because I promoted CM products on my CM blog.  The same blog that was dedicated to my CM business  and only contained info regarding CM! 

Looks like CM AZ  still doesn’t recognize the value and potential for social media and that’s really a pity.  Add to that their desire to control information to & from consultants and you get this as part of the A&Z Policy Manual (it’s on page 8.)

social media

I agree that as a rep for a company you shouldn't go on public social media sites and bash that company. That's just not good business sense.  Most direct sales companies have some wording regarding this issue and it pretty much boils down to common sense.  But this bit about “You must avoid disparaging conversations, comments…" leaves too much wiggle room for A&Z.   As an A&Z consultant, according to this, you can't say anything - in a public, private, closed or secret online group - that isn't "positive” according to A&Z.  Many people see things as honest and realistic but CM HO has a reputation for viewing anything that dares to go against their thought process as negative.  Unfortunately, I witnessed this labeling of a differing opinion as “negative” first hand many, many times.  Positive is a subjective term. Each person has their own idea what is positive and what is negative.  With the same people in charge of A&Z I’m willing to bet it will be not only more of the same but now, contractually they can discipline consultants for sharing their “inappropriate and disparaging” thoughts according to A&Z!

It’s quite obvious that if you don’t agree with AZ then they don’t want to hear about it. 

CM/AZ entered into the social media world kicking & screaming. They have not embraced it - in fact they seem to barely tolerate it. The removal of their consultant only social media platform (again) and shutting down of comments on their public FB page are the latest examples of this. 

I will say it again – go into any business venture with your eyes wide open!

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