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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why you should purchase Artisan & Historian. Now (or at least before 9/27.)


UPDATE:  CM Digital Center has experienced system issues – they have extended the Digital Center’s last day to Thursday, September 26, 11:59 p.m. Central Time.

There is a motion before the bankruptcy court that, if approved, will impact users of SBC+ and MM.   The motion has been endorsed by the UCC and CM…I think this means it has a very good chance of being approved by the Judge.

Here are some of the highlights SBC+ & MM users should be aware of .

If this motion is approved:

Panstoria will support SBC+ and MM until December 31st, 2013  with software updates as needed.  Software can be activated (even on new machines) until this date with support for software activation from Panstoria.

You will be able to download an update that will allow you to upload directly to Panstoria’s Print Shop to print your digital items.  This will be similar to CMs Digital Center but not identical – offering different products. 

Pending approval by the court of this motion, your CM content will work with Artisan.  Memory Vaults currently work with Historian.

You can use your SBC+ projects in Artisan.  They need to be saved as a SBC+ file in order to use them again in SBC+ (until the court motion is approved.)

Here’s why you should invest in Historian and Artisan if you want to continue to use these programs:

From pixels 2 Page's blog: "Panstoria will not be providing tech support, bug fixes (other than for printing issues), updates (again, other than for printing), or upgrades (to new versions of the software) for Creative Memories programs, Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator.  They will be providing all of those things for their programs, Historian and Artisan."  (LOTS of great information regarding these programs & switching from CM to Panstoria on the p2P blog!!)

So - you're fine using CMs programs until you need help, either moving to a new computer, if your computer crashes or if something goes wrong. If you need an activation code or other help you’re out of luck.  There will be no support for SBC+ or MM.

I think every SBC+ & MM user should invest in the Panstoria versions of these programs (assuming you want to continue using these programs.) I know it's an added expense but if you want to continue to use them then maybe looking at this as "insurance" will help. Thankfully, the programs are affordable.  Both sell for $39.95.

BONUS:  Artisan has fantastic features that SBC+ doesn’t.  Here’s a link to p2Ps video showing a bit about this.  My favorite new features are the in program photo editing tools!!! 

So, if  you’re using SBC+ and/or MM you’re going to want to invest in Artisan and Historian

Here’s why you should do this before  September 27th:

If the current motion before the court is approved:
If you purchase Artisan after September 27th, Panstoria will be obligated to pay CM 20% of any printing you choose to do via the Panstoria Print Shop.

CM got my money for SBC+, MM and TONS of digital content.   LOTS of it over the years.  CM has made it quite clear that they will not be supporting these programs, or me (a very loyal user/promoter since they were introduced)   or any other SBC+ or MM users any longer. 

What I know about the owners of Panstoria really, really makes me thrilled at the thought of doing business with them. Looking at this latest court document it's obvious that they took a big financial loss (or will if this is approved by the court) to ensure CMs customers can continue to use their products. It's a gamble & I hope it pays off for them!

I'm hoping that the extra 20% I’m giving to Panstoria by purchasing Artisan & Historian before Sept. 27th adds up & allows Panstoria to create some great new content, features & support!

Hopefully the motion will be approved and we will be able to use CM content in Artisan. If not there are work arounds. Time consuming but if a bunch of us get together we can make quick work of it. I'm already a member of a group dedicated to this topic - just in case!

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  1. Hi Lisa - What I understand after reading your blog is that CM will only make more money if we purchase after Sept. 27 IF we print projects with Panstoria? Not on the actual purchase of the programs?