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Monday, July 8, 2013

Last Chance Offer for CM products.

The time has come - Creative Memories, under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is closing down for a possible "new" company to come about in the Fall of 2013. 

The company is having one last chance ordering opportunity for certain products...including coversets, refill pages in different colors, page protectors, and tape runner refills. Once orders of these products are received, CM will order materials and produce only enough of these items to fulfill those orders. The dates for the Last Chance Order (LCO) are July 8 through July 28. Items that are not included in the LCO are being sold while supplies last (WSL.)  If there are other things that you may want or need in order to complete your current or upcoming projects, I'd suggest making two different orders...one for WSL and one for LCO as it will probably take a while (could be months) to fulfill the orders for the LCO.  You can place your order on my Creative Memories website. Please use a credit card, as opposed to a debit card. I will not be stocking up on items to have on hand to sell in the future.
As far as the digital aspect of CM, after August 21, Creative Memories will no longer offer support of Memory Manager or Storybook Creator. However, this does not mean that you cannot still use these wonderful digital programs. As I understand it, Panstoria, the company who developed MM and SBC+ are attempting to work with CM to allow those of us who use these programs to continue getting support and/or digital content from their Artisan program (similar to SBC+). I'm also researching, along with other CMC's, to determine the best places that you can order hardbound storybooks comparable to the ones we have had printed at the CM Photo Center, as well as places to make 12x12 page prints and other digital products.  I will share what I find with you – along any other alternative products that might help fill the voids left with the disappearance of many CM products.
I know I, like many Creative Memories Consultants, am very sad to see this happening to a company with which I have loved being associated with. Personally, I have made many dear friends through my almost 13 years with CM. I have enjoyed helping you with your projects, as well as sharing my own projects with you. You have allowed me to laugh, to cry, to rejoice and celebrate with you. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not see myself joining whatever the "new" CM might be. However, I will still continue to do what I love – and hope to continue helping you, too.  I will still continue to hold crops and retreats and am excited at the possibilities I will have when I am not bound by an agreement with one single company.  Any time you need me, I'm still here to help you with your projects and I will continue to keep you informed as new developments arise, as much as possible.  Just a reminder.  The best place to get information first is in my Facebook Group –
Lisa’s Workshop.

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  1. Was just informed by my consultant that 23 Sep is the deadline for the Digital Center.