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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The “New CM”

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Shared today were screenshots of the new mini catalog and these quotes are taken directly from that catalog (text bolded by me for emphasis):

From the first page of the Mini Catalog:  "A whole new approach to saving and celebrating photos is coming. Don't miss this last chance to say goodbye to some favorite product categories with these fresh, final designs."


"Storybook Creator fans, don't miss this last lovely bunch of digital content! The patterns are fun, the colors are carefree and the illustrations are as light as a summer breeze. Download yours today and save your summer in a StoryBook today before StoryBook support and printing goes away!"

So – even though CM hasn’t come out & given exact details we are getting a picture of the “New CM” (by the way a name change is heavily rumored to be in the works.)

EDITED TO ADD:  Hold on - now CM is saying that this was a proof from earlier and now they are saying "at this time, nothing is changing with StoryBook software, support or printing. 

I still think something is in the works for an online program. 


Here’s my best guess at what the “New CM” will look like:

No more decorative items – will this include basic albums, too?  At one time I didn’t think so – I thought this staple would remain in their product line forever but I’m not sure anymore.  I do think it’s safe to say that papers, stickers, most tools and other non-essential (according to CM) items will be gone very soon.  I know CM had hoped to increase the number of Fast 2 Fabulous albums – I would imagine that will still happen.  I also think PicFolio albums will be a part of the future product line.

No more digital content and printing of Storybooks.  This shocks me but it’s right there in the mini catalog.  I think – and this is still a guess – that SBC+ will no longer be supported.  Hopefully the company that developed SBC+ for CM will step in & offer support.  I can not in good faith recommend purchasing SBC+ or Memory Manager at this time.  I will be following this closely.  I love SBC+ & MM and will continue to use these programs as long as I can and will pass on any info I find regarding this issue when it’s available.  Before CM in Australia closed they launched an on-line option for digital photo book creation.  I’m guessing this is what CM will be going with should they continue to support digital album making. 

Side loading sleeves disappeared with very little notice from CM.  Latest word is that they are looking for another supplier to get the materials for these.  They hope to bring them back into the product line. 

Nancy O’Dell products are again available to purchase and I would imagine these will not be coming back once the current stock is depleted.

Bottom line – if you need products or have your eye on something – better get it now. 

Here are the other pages from the new Mini Catalog (should be available online only on Monday.)  Lots of fun stuff here!











Excuse me while I go and hug my CM cardstock and Power Palettes and Border Maker System, and Storybooks, and….

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  1. Searching for information of CM I find this. I am so sorry for CM's situation and miss the products. But today I feel the future is really uncertain with Rhonda's resignation. Does anyone know more of the situation? I am still a consultant and planning to be with the company, but I hope for some changes to what the company used to be and offer. The company will not survive with the predesigned albums, that is not scrapbooking.