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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Creative Memories Files Bankruptcy

Hi Everyone,

Creative Memories filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. They are looking at this as a chance to restructure and refocus on our mission - which has always been helping people preserve their memories. It is a mission I truly believe in and feel blessed to be a part of.

As the company works through this I expect to see our product line trimmed down and because of this I would suggest ordering any products you have your eye on now instead of waiting.

I am hopeful that CM can emerge from this stronger & better than ever. Still, you may want to consider using any product credits or Rewards Club credit sooner rather than later - just to be on the safe side. If you are ordering off my CM website I would suggest using a credit card vs. a debit card. Other than that I am hoping that it's business as usual. All of my scheduled events are still on and I hope to continue helping others preserve their memories for many years to come.

I am not one to push sales but if there has ever been a time to do so, it's now. So, I'm encouraging you to go shopping - if you're in need of a special gift (for someone else or yourself) please let me know.

I love being a Creative Memories Consultant for so many reasons - including the wonderful people it has brought into my life (including you! :) I'm here to help!


Update 4/20:  The next hearing date is May 9th.  I’m placing orders until the 6th and don’t plan on ordering until I learn of the outcome of that hearing – hoping that all goes well and it will be back to business.  I’ll update as soon as I know something. 



  1. Hi Lisa: I read about this and I'm sorry to hear but sometimes it can be a smart move to trim down expenses and possibly emerge stronger. But it's never fun during these times for sure. Best wishes to you!


  2. Just wanted to let you know its hard to read your blog because of the poka dot background!

  3. my husband is following this bankruptcy. He just told me the consultants and others on the creditors committee were paid $20,000 each for two months on the committee. he works with other bankruptcies and say this is outrageous for a company of creative memories size.

  4. What is now the status of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy that you filed? Filing a bankruptcy is one of the biggest challenges that a business could face. I hope your business will be able to recover and get back on track after this. Good luck on this journey!
    Jaden Allred @ Irving Burton