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Friday, February 3, 2012

This & That CM Cartridge saves the day!


I am “Queen of the Last Minute Projects”.   I have accepted this and now embrace it!  Vinyl projects are so very quick and easy…perfect for procrastinators and planners alike!

Catholic School’s Week was a bit ago – resulting in lots of fun activities for my boys – penny wars (will put us in the poor house!!) crazy hat & tie day, no homework day (yahoo!) and the 4th graders had a day where they could dress like they were from the future.  Despite Richie’s pleas for a robot costume we decided to do something easier (for both of us – how would he sit?  He didn’t care!)

I suggested this shirt – it had a robot on it and mentioned the future (plus I found it on clearance!)  - what more could you want? 


Of course, that wasn’t going to work for him so we brainstormed and came up with this:



A future (space) Olympian!!

I used the This & That Creative Memories Cricut cartridge and cut the images and letters out of self adhesive vinyl. 

Good enough for one day’s wear – everything stayed stuck on throughout the school day and even at night for the spaghetti dinner!

He did wear the robot jersey under the hoodie for his music teacher Smile

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