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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Sooo many cartridges!  How do you store yours?  I bring my cartridges to crops so I need to have something portable and easy to use!  Below is an idea I’ve seen a few places on the internet and have tweaked it here & there.  I hope you find it helpful, too!  Let me know if you’ve found a use for those Cricut cartridge boxes – I can’t get rid of them, yet!
What I like best about this storage method is that it’s very portable,  easy to use and easy to adjust as new cartridges are added to my inventory.
You’ll need at least one Snapware Ribbon Container.  The ribbon container comes with 2 sections- a  larger container that will hold about 19 handbooks and a smaller section that will hold about 40 cartridges.  
Use Plastic canvas to create the dividers for the cartridges.
Plastic Canvas – #7  (7 holes per inch)
Cut 7 strips – each  59 holes ×10 holes
To get 59 rows by 10 rows you will need to be cutting at 60 and 11.
Cut 5 holes out (upward)  at 12, 24, 36, 48

Cut 4 strips – each 39×10 (#of holes)
To get 39 rows by 10 rows you will need to be cutting at 40 and 11.
Cut 6 holes out (upward) at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35

For the handbooks I first remove all non-English pages.  This is usually just 3 or 4 per book but it helps out and makes flipping through the handbooks easier.  Be careful – some have a foreign language on the front & English on the back.  I store the overlay in the handbook.
I use Creative Memories Power Sort Dividers in between the handbooks.  I trim a bit from the bottom – about 3/4” – and label them with my handy dandy label maker (LOVE that thing!)  sorting these alphabetically.
I use a fine  point Sharpie marker to label each cartridge and store them alphabetically.  I put a red dot by those that I’ve linked to my Gypsy and a blue CM by my Creative Memories Cricut cartridges because those are the ones I use the most and I like to find them easily.  I have thought about just keeping my CM Cricut cartridges together but I don’t think the part of my brain that has OCD is very organized  (just a very tiny part – the one that deals w/my scrapbooking supplies) could handle that. I am, however, warming up to the idea of keeping all my Disney/Pixar cartridges and handbooks in their own organizer.  Baby Steps. Smile
I keep these tools with my Cricut cartridges at all times:  MultiPurpose Tool – the flat end is perfect for lifting delicate pieces from the Cricut mat and also scraping off the leftovers.  The pointed tool is a big help when I need to pop out the cut pieces that haven’t separated easily on their own.                                  Precision Point Adhesive Pen – perfect for applying adhesive to those Cricut cuts!  Excess adhesive is easily removed with the Pick Up Square.  I’m messy.  Thank goodness this little tool erases all the dried up adhesive I seem to leave everywhere!!
These tools seem to be made to work with the Cricut - I have a set that I’ve dedicated to using with my Cricut crafts and keep them in another smaller sized storage container. You can purchase this size on it’s own with a divided container that fits inside – perfect place to store extra blades and other smaller accessories.
Now, if anyone has suggestions for those Cricut boxes…


  1. Love this idea! What label maker do you have? Mine doesn't have the great font that yours does!

  2. Hi Lisa...can you tell me where you got your Snapware container? I googled it, but wondered where you got yours. Great idea!

  3. I have the Brother P-touch - had it for a few years! The Snapware containers I found at JoAnns.

  4. Great post. I've tried the HUGE cases from Joann's (disaster!) and the Cricut brand zip up binders-too hard to remove carts. I'm trying this next since I have the Snapware and the canvas is cheap. FYI, I donated my Cricut Cartridge boxes to a Girl Scout troop. Any kid would love these magnetic closure boxes for their insects, worms, other treasures!

  5. I've added links to the Snapware container and plastic canvas on Amazon.com They're my affiliate links :)

  6. The Joann's cases worked best for me. You just have to know to turn the actual plastic cartridge holder upside down once you buy it so that you can carry it and they stay in place. Otherwise, each time you lift it, all of your cartridges will tumble out. Mine have stayed in place perfectly. I went from a handled container like this to the Cricut zippered binders to the large plastic 12x12 cases from Joann's and I love them. Very happy with them! Everybody likes their own system.