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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kiwi Lane - Harry Potter, New Idea Book and MORE!

Kiwi Lane Idea Book Volume 3 
Pre-Orders are only being accepted until September 18th extended to September 22. Visit my KLD Instructor site at to place your order.

Kiwi Lane Idea Book - Volume 3

There is so much news to share about Kiwi Lane I’m breaking it all up into multiple posts. 
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Kiwi Lane Idea Book - Volume 3

Inside The Idea Book you will find over 290 scrapbooking ideas for designing layouts using Kiwi Lane Designer Templates along with helpful tips. This idea book only features scrapbooking layouts.  (Card Book coming soon!) 

Idea books are like cookbooks for scrapbookers! Each chapter in a Kiwi Lane Idea Book is named after a specific set of templates. Different layouts are shown using the same set of templates, but because they are different themes and colors, they look completely different. There is a detailed image of the finished layout, and the ingredients (templates) used to create each layout is listed below the photo. Just by changing the colors, papers, and accessories you can get a completely different look.  A never-fail recipe!


Kiwi Lane Idea Book - Volume 3

Simply place an order on my KLD Instructor site, from the Pre-Sale Shop Catalog online, BEFORE THE END OF MONDAY, September 18th for whatever quantity of Pre-Release products you would like. These items have been placed in a separate, online catalog, so only Pre-Release items can be added to this order.

Due to the circumstances of the situation, it will take a little while to fulfill these orders, so please be patient! You should expect your Pre-Release orders to ship around the middle of December. The digi-book you’ll get for free when you pre-order will be delivered to your email address in October.  The hiccups associated with growth can be frustrating, and I greatly appreciate your patience and support!

Sneak Peek of the new Idea Book – Volume 3:Kiwi Lane is a growing company, and that growth has been on the rise lately due to Kiwi Lane teaming up with Instructors (learn more on my KL Instructor site).  This a wonderful thing - the Kiwi family is growing!

This fact, however, combined with a high level of enthusiasm for the brand-new category of ‘A La Carte’ Designer Templates, and the new, magically-themed Layout Kit, has led to these items being sold out within a short time of being officially released!  They will be back in stock sometime in December but there is no telling how long they will last. I STRONGLY advise pre-ordering!
By pre-ordering these items now, you will be ensuring that you receive your product when it arrives and before it has a chance to sell out.

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