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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sweet Treats– Fun to Make & Give!

Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
Here are some quick ideas for stocking stuffers, classroom treats or a little something for someone special.  Each project only takes a few minutes with the help of some great timesaving tools by Creative Memories!  

Elf Legs

Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!


Pants: Double up a piece of the red striped paper from the Christmas Joy paper pack about four inches.  Using the Shape Maker System and the Square Cartridge punch out a square leaving the folded edge intact (shown below).  Cut a small triangle (from both layers) on the edge opposite the fold as shown in the photo above.  Add stitching detail using the fine tip of the Black Dual Tip Pen.  
Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
Buttons:  Leftovers from the Border Maker System and the Bubbles Cartridge.  Add dots with the fine tip of the Black Dual Tip Pen.  
Shoes:  Using the Circle Cartridge from the Shape Maker System punch out a circle from black cardstock then place the paper back into the Shape Maker System and punch out a crescent shape.
Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
Make 2 of these crescent shapes.  Fold each crescent in half and trim a little bit off the bottom.  
Apply a good amount of Tape Runner adhesive to the inside of the pants and shoes, making sure to get both sponts on the paper where the Sixlets will be placed. Assemble as Shown.
Bell/Ball on the shoes:  Leftover circles from the Border Maker System and the Bubbles Cartridge.
Buckle:  use the Filmstrip Cartridge with the Border Maker System and punch out a small border from white cardstock.  Trim down one of the hollow squares on the edge of the border. (I found the Sixlet candies at my local Dollar Tree store.)

Candy Pinwheel

Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
Using the Shape Maker System and the Square Cartridge punch one square from double sided paper.  Cut from each corner to almost the center.  Place a good amount of adhesive in the center of the square using your Tape Runner.  Fold every other point to the center and press down.  Place more adhesive in the center and adhere a Hershey's Kiss candy.  Adhere a tube of Sixlet candies to the back of the pinwheel as shown. 

Candy Cane Mouse 
Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!
NoteSee this blog post for info about the system below to identify Circles & Ovals with the Custom Cutting System.
Body & Ears:  From the grey patterned paper in the Christmas Joy paper pack cut the following using the Custom Cutting System & Oval Patterns:
Cut from light red/pink designer cardstock:
Gently fold the large oval in half lengthwise and make two cuts just a little off center as shown below.

Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools!

Eyes & Nose: Leftover circles from the Border Maker System and the Bubbles Cartridge
Adhere ears, eyes and nose as shown.
Add whiskers using the fine tip of the Black Dual Tip Pen.  Slide on a candy cane for the tail. 

Hot Cocoa Kit
Dress up treats in a snap with CMs time saving tools! 
Supplies Needed: 
  • Sandwich bag
  • Instant hot cocoa packet
  • Cocoa mix-ins.  I used Hershey’s Kisses and cute peppermint marshmallows I found at Target but you can have a lot of fun with this!  Other things you could add: a candy cane, plastic spoon dipped in chocolate or caramel with sprinkles/salt/peppermint added before it hardens; caramel squares…lots of possibilities!
Put the goodies in the plastic bag & close it up.  Measure the width of your plastic bag and also how far down you want the topper to go. Double this last measurement.  If you want the topper to come down an inch & a half, cut the paper 3” x the width of your plastic bag.  Fold this in half and decorate as shown.  I used the new Lace Flower Chain cartridge with the Border Maker System and punched out a border from both red and green cardstock.  I trimmed several flowers from the red border and adhered those to the green border. Once the topper is decorated you can add a quick note or To: / From: on the back and adhere it over the plastic bag. 

Candy Cane Rudolph
Wrap a piece of brown cardstock around 2 candy canes placed side by side.  The piece I used measures 3 1/2” x 2 1/2”. You may need to adjust yours depending on the size of the candy canes you use. Put a line of adhesive on one of the shorter ends of the cardstock.  Place the adhesive lined side of the cardstock facing up on the back of the candy canes & wrap cardstock around the candy canes until it overlaps and adheres in place.
Add eyes & nose made from leftover circles from the Border Maker System and the Bubbles Cartridge.  

I hope these treats help to sweeten the holiday season!

Merry Christmas!! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

CM Circles and Ovals Blog Hop!

Seasons Greetings! 

You have reached the fourth stop on the CM Circles and Ovals Blog Hop.  My fellow CM Advisors and I are sharing some ideas and inspiration featuring some old friends – the Custom Cutting System (CCS) Circle & Oval patterns!

CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
These will be added to the CM core line but there is no telling how long this first shipment will last. Fair warning - if these go quickly there could be a bit of lag time until the next shipment arrives. 

Instructions for these CCS cuties are soon to follow but first I’d like to share a system I learned a long time ago in my early years as a CM Consultant.

Labeling Your CCS Circles & Ovals
This method saves a lot of time & effort when following directions for a project.  By using this system you can easily know exactly what size oval or circle to cut when following instructions at a class, workshop or online.  It also makes sharing instructions a breeze!

Here is how to label your templates:

Using a permanent marker, label the sizing chart and patterns 1 through 7 using the following system:

Circles (1-3) - 1 is the smallest circle, 3 is the largest

Ovals (4-7) - 4 is the smallest oval, 7 is the largest

Label your CCS patterns -  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
While you’re at it – you might want to label your patterns & cutting guides with your initials, too.  Lots of people have the same tools & labeling them with your name or initials makes it a snap to see what is yours when cleaning up at a crop.

CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
The following abbreviations are used in projects:

I = Inside Track O = Outside Track

R =Red Blade     G = Green Blade     B = Blue Blade
If a layout calls for the following:  1 I R (2) then you would use the smallest circle pattern (#1), cut on the Inside of the pattern with the Red blade and cut 2 circles.

Let’s give it a whirl!

Gingerbread BoyCCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
Using the dark brown Designer Cardstock from the
Shades of Neutral paper pack cut the following shapes using the Custom Cutting System:
Head:  1IR
Body: 5IR
Arms:  4IG(4)

Buttons, Eyes, Nose & Cheeks: leftover circles from the
Border Maker System and the Bubbles Cartridge using the following papers:

Christmas Joy paper pack
Red striped paper for the nose and cheeks
Christmas Countdown Days for the buttons
Black & white Designer Cardstock from the
Shades of Neutral paper pack for the eyes.
Icing: Punch several short borders using the
Medallion Frame Chain Cartridge and the Border Maker System.  Cut chains lengthwise in half and then trim pieces as shown.
Adhere everything with your Regular & Mini Tape Runners.

Gingerbread GirlCCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
Use the same method we did to make the Gingerbread boy but punch only one button and add the following: 

Dress:  5IR - cut from the red striped paper from the Christmas Joy pack.  Cut a small notch from one shorter end of the oval and trim the opposite end.
Punch one shape using the
Blossom Place n Punch and trim as shown.
CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop
Flower:  From the red striped paper use one leftover shape punched using the
Medallion Frame Chain Cartridge and the Border Maker System. CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop

CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop

I like to showcase a special photo by using the CCS to cut it into a circle or oval shape – matting it for even more emphasis. CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop

Thank you for stopping by!  Be sure to visit all of the fantastic blogs for more ideas!!  Your next stop is Celebrating Your Beautiful Life by Fran Smitherman.

Here’s a complete list of all the stops on this CM Blog Hop in case you lose your way:

Stop 1 - Julie Tambrini
Stop 2 - Diana Brinsley
Stop 3 - Stefani Jones
Stop 4 - Lisa Graham <=== You Are Here
Stop 5 - Fran Smitherman
Stop 6 - Noreen Smith
Stop 7 - Candace Bouldin

CCS circles & ovals are BACK!  CCS Blog Hop @ Lisa's Workshop

After you’ve visited all the Blog Hop stops head on over to the CM blog!  CM is giving away a CCS bundle - including the hexagon bundle (with the jumbo hexagon CCS template, all 3 blades and the self-healing mat) plus the circles and ovals!  Leave a comment after the blog hop post on the CM blog for a chance to win this fantastic prize pack!!


  • Cut out 6 rings. In the example above I cut 2 sets of rings from 3 different papers.
  • Determine what size and shape rings you want.  The wreath above was created by cutting 5OG & 5OR..
  • If cutting on the outside track of the pattern cut the larger shape first, then the smaller one.  Do the opposite when cutting on the inside of the pattern (cut smaller shape first).
  • Be careful not to move your paper or the CCS pattern until you are completely done.
  • Layer the rings and adhere stickers or other embellishments. 
  • To make the wreath shown above I used items from the Christmas Joy Paper and Sticker packs.
    Inspired by an idea borrowed from Donna Bobbie, R.I.P.

Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Black Friday (and then some) Scrapbooking Deals

Soooo many sales – I’ve rounded up some of my favorites. Happy Shopping!!
Creative Memories – Free gifts with purchase now until December 3rd at 3pm CT.
Full details and
ideas are in this post.
Kiwi Lane – Cyber Monday sale on their website or you can order with me directly. Details in this blog post.
Silhouettegreat deals at Several bundles to choose from including ones to get started with vinyl or heat transfer projects.
These ship free with Amazon Prime.  As a Prime member not only will you save on shipping but you’ll also have access to online movies, music, Ebooks, photo storage & more! Start your FREE 30 day Amazon Prime trial now & you’ll be all set for Christmas!
ScrapnEasel – also available on
I LOVE my Scrapn Easel for so many reasons – here are just a few:
  • Ideal for Scrapbooking, Card Making & Other Paper Crafts
  • Two 12"x12" Working Surfaces
  • Magnetic Work Surface makes it easy to keep things in place.
  • Two Removable 12"x12" Grids (Work On Two Pages Or Projects Simultaneously)
  • Extremely Portable (Weighs only 4.3 pounds)
  • Ergonomic Design Eliminates Body Aches Associated With Paper Crafting and improves visibility

If you have the Stamper System that Creative Memories sold you can get more stamps and refill ink pads on from PSA Essentials.
stamper systems
Monogram stamp sets as low as $3.50 (free shipping with Prime) and these cuties: 
Peanuts - Winter
peanuts – honestly, too many to mention! Sizzix, Doodlebug, Ranger Ink & more!!  
Forever – Panstoria
Memory Manager and Storybook Creator are no longer supported – if you want to continue using these programs you’ll need to upgrade to Artisan & Historian (same programs, just updated and supported now by Forever). Save 30% on software, digital content and more on the Forever site.  Be sure to check out this post for important information about the switch from CM’s MM & SBC, to Panstoria and now to Forever

Our Daily Bread Designs – love their products!odb

 Shutterfly - Cyber Monday
Lots of deals – click on “Special Offers” to see them all.
Here are a few highlights:

All customers enjoy 25% off qualifying merchandise orders using the code CYBERDEAL at checkout
All customers enjoy 50% off hard photo cover Photo Books and 40% off everything else using the code CYBER40 at checkout
All customers enjoy 10 Free 6x8, 5x7, 5x5, 4x8 Flat, 5x7 Folded, 5x7 Trifold or 3/4 Folded Cards and includes your choice of 10 Free Trim options and 10 Free Paper types using the code 10FORME at checkout

Tiny Prints
Tiny Prints - Cyber Monday
Cricut Cyber Monday Deals
Have a Scrapbook/photo/paper crafting related Cyber Monday deal to share? Please post in the comments!


(See below for sale info & promo code)
Are you still using CM’s Memory Manager and/or a version of Storybook Creator?Still using MM? You NEED to switch to Historian.Still using SBC? You NEED to switch to Artisan.
Panstoria (the company that created this software for CM) is now Forever and if you're still using Storybook Creator and/or Memory Manager you're going to want to make the switch to Artisan and/or Historian. While these "new' programs (created by Panstoria) are pretty much the same as SBC, SBC+ &/or MM,  the CM versions of these programs are no longer supported.  The time will come, sooner or later, when you won't be able to use SBC and/or MM. Also, after the end of January you will no longer be able to print directly from Storybook.  To continue to use these programs you’ll need to switch to Artisan (SBC+) and Historian (MM).  Forever/Panstoria has a fantastic sale going on right now - 30% off sitewide (including software) with the promo code SAVE30. I'm sad to say my days as an affiliate with Panstoria are coming to an end. I still love these programs, and will continue to use them, but I have no interest in the "forever" storage options. Unfortunately, you can't be an affiliate for one without the other - and it costs a pretty penny to join Forever, either as a customer or an affiliate. So, for now you can visit Panstoria/Forever via my affiliate link (and thank you for your support!). NOTE: DO NOT upgrade to Artisan 5 if you don't have a 64 bit version of Windows! You can upgrade to Artisan 4 if you have a 32 bit version.

Huge Sale at (Panstoria - SBC+ - MM)
Save 30% with promo code SAVE30 until Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 Pacific Time.
I am happy to report that I had no issues switching to Artisan and Historian.  I switched over as soon as these programs were available.  My content came over seamlessly with the upgrade to Artisan 5 and Historian works with your existing Memory Vaults.  The switch was very painless. 
Artisan 5 has a lot of nice updates. Some of my favorites include:
  • Two-page editing is a breeze!
  • Alignment Guides – super easy to keep things lined up
  • Strokes – these are photo & shape borders in different patterns
  • Font manager – the ability to sort fonts on your computer into categories!

Where to go to for help with Artisan & Historian?
P2P - great resource for Artisan (SBC+) and Historian (MM)!
I have been a member of Pixels2Pages for a while now. They offer great support and some goodies each month, too.  They are my go-to spot when I have a question/issue with these programs. 

Click on “Resources” at the top of the page or some very helpful FREE support regarding these changes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Exclusive Kiwi Lane 3 Day Sale!

Kiwi Lane Sale -
Kiwi Lane is having a sale on Cyber Monday but if you shop with a Kiwi Lane Instructor you can enjoy these savings for THREE days!     Take advantage of the discounts when you shop with me and be among the first to order and guarantee that you get the items you want while supplies last. 

Kiwi Lane is the perfect gift scrapbookers or card makers on your list and  they make perfect stocking stuffers as well. 
Here are the details!

  • 15% off ALL Designer Templates.
  • 25% off select sets (see below)
  • DT Tray – Regular price: $ 79 Now: $39 - Over 50% off - Only through a Kiwi Lane Instructor
(While supplies last - Can't be combined with any other sales or discounts.)
Don't forget about PAPER!
Need to catch up on some holiday memories? Kiwi Lane has the perfect paper!

  • All Paper Kits $7 each
  • Buy 2 or more $6 each
  • Buy 3 or more $5 each
No limit on how many you can get, so stock up now!
Merry & Bright Paper PackKiwi Lane Sale -
Clara Lane

Tiny Wildflower
Tiny Wacky
Mini Madison

FREE SHIPPING for all orders $35 or more. (within Continental US)
Kiwi Lane Sale -
How To Order
My Kiwi Lane Instructor website is not active yet, so to take advantage of this you’ll need to place your order with me directly.
Click here to see the catalog and then email me your list along with your shipping and email addresses.  After receiving your list and info I will send you a Paypal Invoice with your order total. If you don’t want to pay via Paypal I can call me with your credit card information.  Once I receive your payment I’ll place your order! (Update: My Kiwi Lane Instructor website is up now - you can view it here!!)
Designer Templates Checklist Do you have a Designer Template Checklist? If not, download a copy now!  It's a great way to organize your gift giving, or help others to know what you are hoping to have under the tree on Christmas morning!   Download a DT Checklist here.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tis The Season Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale at Creative Memories

CM’s 'Tis the Season - Black Friday/Cyber Monday is happening NOW!   I love that Creative Memories started this promotion before Thanksgiving and will offer it until Thursday, December 3rd.  There is plenty of time to enjoy the holiday and get some great deals, too! 

Whether you are filling a stocking or Santa's sleigh, these special gifts with purchase are sure to brighten your holidays!
Tis The Season on

This promotion ends Thursday, December 3, at 3 p.m. CT and is available to both Advisors and customers. One free gifts bundle per qualifying order.
: with each qualifying order, you will see a prompt on the View Cart page - click it to add the free gifts bundle to your cart.

With each order of $75 - $249.99, receive over $50 in FREE giftsTis The Season on
~ Exclusive 8x8 Green Mica bookcloth
~ Holidazzle Album Cover
~ Letter to Santa Simply Said Album
~ PLUS the brand-new Lace Flower Chain Border Maker Cartridge!

(Note:  8x8 Pages and Protectors are not included in this bundle but you can purchase them on my CM Advisor site.)

The new cartridge (like all those sold by Creative Memories) works with both the New CM Border Maker that is currently for sale and also the previous version sold previously by the “old” CM.  If there are any left in the CM warehouse after this promotion they will offer those for sale.  Be sure to join my Facebook Group to stay up to date on the latest info from CM & other scrapbooking related news. 

Lace Flower Chain for the CM Border Maker

With each order of $250 or more, receive over $170 in FREE gifts!
Tis The Season on
~ 8x8 Green Mica Holidazzle bookcloth album cover
~ Lace Flower Chain Border Maker Cartridge
~ Sleek White Everyday Display
~ Countdown to Christmas Display Accents
~ Holidazzle Epoxy Stickers (2/pk)
~ Designer Tote

These Holidazzle products are a favorite of mine – they coordinate beautifully with the Look on the Bright Side Papers and Slide-In Pack!

Holidazzle and Look on the Bright Side papers go so well together! LisasWorkshop.blogspot.comHolidazzle and Look on the Bright Side papers go so well together! LisasWorkshop.blogspot.comHolidazzle and Look on the Bright Side papers go so well together! LisasWorkshop.blogspot.comHolidazzle and Look on the Bright Side papers go so well together! LisasWorkshop.blogspot.comHolidazzle and Look on the Bright Side papers go so well together!