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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Magic of Memories

Just 1.5 minutes to watch this video but I’ll bet the warm fuzzies will last
a lot longer than that!

(Click on the photo above or visit this link to watch the video: )

I’m really, really excited about the return of some old favorite CM products as well as the launch of new ones.  It’s never been easier to earn money while doing something you love!

Feel free to contact me anytime, or check out all that's available at my site:

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Free Coverset with qualifying order from CM!


Now through Monday, January 12, any order that includes four or more albums and/or coversets will receive a bonus Coverset!  There are a variety of colors and styles for the freebie coversets (all are 12x12)...even more than are shown in the above photo.  The CM team will pull them at random so it will be a fun surprise when you open your box. There is a limit to one free coverset per order.

Lots of new products available right now and even more on their way!

The best way to view these new products on my CM website is to click on “What’s New.”


(click to enlarge)


Sunshine Getaway

This album features pages already beautifully printed and pre-assembled. Fun and tropical, the patterns of the pages in this album make a great complement to all your photos you wish to showcase, especially travel photos.  Page protectors also include

Click Here to view each of the predesigned pages.



There is a slight delay with the Sunshine Getaway F2F album. The cover material CM uses arrived damaged so the printer is starting over.  They take several business days to print, dry and protect, so the new ones are expected to arrive Jan 8th or 9th. As soon as they arrive, CM will open them for sale, as the team can make them to demand. CM apologies for this delay &  will work with their partner to ensure it doesn't happen again.  Just a reminder, my FB group (also called Lisa’s Workshop) is the best place to get the latest info about CM.

Not a fan of pre-designed pages?  You can easily cover the true sized 12x12 pages or the new Sand Shimmer Blossom (available in both blue & silver foil accents) would go great with the Sunshine Getaway products!


Strut Your Stuff


Click Here to view each of the predesigned pages.


Cutting System Blade Cartridges

Welcome back, old friends!! 

Clean, precise and ergonomically comfortable, our patented Custom Cutting System has been and industry standard and fan favorite for years.  You can count on each blade for up to 500 cuts. 


More new products coming up but we’ll have to wait for mid month for the following items to be released:

12x12 Designer Cardstock Packs: Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Shades of Green


The new cardstock is labeled “Designer” which means it will have a slight texture to it.

Corner Rounder (with two-cuts!)


11x14 Multi-Pocket Pages (to fit 11x14 Picfolios)


7" Personal Trimmer

This Personal Trimmer is like the former dark blue one from Creative Memories with the pull out drawer but it’s been upgraded!  Then drawer is just a tad deeper to accommodate more items - like the CCS blades and Corner Rounder.


12" Rotary Replacement Mat


I’m thrilled that CM is bringing back some old favorites!  Word is that they are working on the Border Maker System & cartridges and also looking into ways to incorporate the designs on the F2F albums onto the bookcloth coversets!

CM is really listening to us – both customers & Advisors. They have plans to not only bring back more products we’ve been missing but also are working on new favorites, too!    It only costs $49 to become an Advisor with CM and there are no minimums required, there is no non-compete clause and it’s a very, very simple business plan. 

If you’re thinking about signing up as a CM Advisor I’ve shared a few thoughts about that in this blog post: Thinking About Becoming a CM Advisor?

       Click here to visit my CM site

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Products from CM Coming Soon!

Coming Jan 2!

Strut Your Stuff (left) and Sunshine Getaway (right). There's a coordinating Fast2Fab Album, Paper Pack and Slide-in Pack.
Each are available separately to mix and match with coversets if bookcloth is your preference. Cobalt goes with Strut Your Stuff like Santa & elves. And Sunshine Getaway goes with the new Sand Shimmer Blossom like surf & turf. Moss looks great too.

There are more products on their way in January! 
In addition to Jan. 2, we expect a mid-month and end-of-month launch. Some product lead times are 3-5 months, so it may be a little while before new products sync up perfectly with quarterly launches. So what else is coming?
12x12 Designer Cardstock Packs: Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Shades of Green (Wahoo!!!)
Corner Rounder
11x14 Multi-Pocket Pages (yes, really - to fit PicFolio Coversets!)
12" Rotary Replacement Mat
7" Personal Trimmer (with the drawer and everything!

There will be a 12x12 Sand Shimmer Blossom Coverset available Jan. 2 & CM needed help deciding on the foil color.

Neutrals are always in style...though sometimes it's nice to have a splash of color.
For the new Sand Shimmer Coverset, the Home Office team was evenly split. Some loved the elegance of the Sand with silver blossoms, others with a soothing sea blue.

They can only make one version, so they took a quick survey yesterday.  Whichever color gets more votes is the one they'll offer beginning next Friday (Jan. 2). 

I am so excited...for the return of old favorite products & wonderful new products but most of all because they are listening!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Panstoria Purchases Creative Memories Digital Content (And A Sale)


Wahooo!!! An update from Panstoria:

For many months we have been asked by our customers, "Will I be able to buy Creative Memories digital content from Panstoria after the end of this year?"

We are happy to announce that the answer is YES! Panstoria has purchased Creative Memories' entire catalog of digital content packages. Because Panstoria now owns that digital content, the nearly 1,500 kits from Creative Memories that are in the Panstoria store will continue to be available for purchase along with the other beautiful art in the Panstoria store.

To celebrate that purchase, we're having a three-day SALE on all digital content in the store. Beginning at midnight tonight (Wed., Dec. 17) through midnight Saturday, Dec. 20, all content in the store will be marked down 25%. You will not see this appear as a discount in the shopping cart as the prices on the individual kits will already be marked down.

Click here to see the digital content on

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fantastic Deals on POW Glitter Paper


Several of the stores I purchased this paper from through only set one piece vs. a pack/set of 15 or 20.  Titan Direct issued a prompt refund after I contacted them, stating: “we were assigned to this listing erroneously. We've had Amazon remove us as a seller. We've also issued a full refund for the order, and you won't be required to return the items back to us.”

However, they still have similar sets available in their storefront on Amazon.  I sent another email to them requesting product vs. a refund but unfortunately they would not do that.  They did tell me to keep the 2 sheets they sent :/

Supermart said on 12/22 that they would ship out the remaining pieces but I haven’t received anything yet nor is there any indication that an order from them is on it’s way. 

I just sent an email to BIC Wharehouse because I only received 2  sheets instead of 2 sets of 20.

The other orders I’ve received and, except for the items being rolled up when shipped I’m thrilled with the sheet’s I received(pressing the curled papers underneath some heavy books to straighten them out.)

If you’ve received part of your order be sure to contact the seller through to request either a refund or the rest of your order.  You can do this when viewing your order on and clicking on the “Contact Seller” button.


From the drop down menu select “Received Wrong Item”


and click on the “Write message” button.


Here’s what I wrote to one of the sellers, feel free to use/adjust it if you need to:

I just received delivery of this order and only 2 individual sheets of the Grape colored 12x12 POW paper were received, not 2 sets. The item was listed as a pack of 20 pieces in each set in the item's title and in the description.

Please send the remaining sheets to complete the order.

I’m hoping that the sellers with correct the situations.  IF the issues aren’t resolved then I’ll use the File Claim option through Amazon, where I expect Amazon would refund my $$ and handle the issue with the seller directly.


I LOVE this stuff!  It cuts like a dream in electronic die cutting machines.  It’s as easy to work with as most cardstock papers are.  Adhesive sticks to it, it won’t chew up your blade & tools.  It’s a dream to work with.  Only thing is it usually retails for around $2 per sheet. 

There are some wonderful prices on packs (mostly 20 pieces each)of POW paper on

Some of my favorites (all are 20 sheets per pack & have free shipping unless otherwise noted.)

Grape – $8.59


$3.99 Pow! 12" x 12" Glitter Cardstock Paper (Set of 20) Color: Jade

Pow! 12" x 12" Glitter Cardstock Paper (Set of 20) Color: Jade

$3.99 American Crafts POW Glitter Paper, 12 by 12-Inch, Solid/Blossom, 15 Sheet

American Crafts POW Glitter Paper, 12 by 12-Inch, Solid/Blossom, 15 Sheet

$8.53 American Crafts Pow Glitter Paper 12x12 Rouge Solid 15 PackReturn to product information


$4.93 Pow! 12" x 12" Glitter Cardstock Paper (Set of 20) Color: Cricket

Pow! 12" x 12" Glitter Cardstock Paper (Set of 20) Color: Cricket

I was only able to order one pack of of this Christmas design but after I placed my order I was able to order again. 

$15.99 American Crafts POW Glitter Paper 12"x12"-Merry/Moss - Christmas Holiday Holly 20 Sheet Pack

American Crafts POW Glitter Paper 12"x12"-Merry/Moss - Christmas Holiday Holly 20 Sheet Pack

Happy Shopping!

Christmas Movie Blog Hop

I <3 blog hops!  They are such a fun way to see some great projects, discover new bloggers and sometimes you even get freebies! There is a really fun Christmas Movie blog hop ending today!  There are 10 blogs to visit and after following & commenting on each blog you’ll be rewarded with a great set of SVG files!  If you like the projects showcased in the blog hop then you’ll love the freebie files!

Christmas Movie Blog Hop

You can follow most of the blogs via Bloglovin’ – a great way to keep track of favorite blogs & discover new ones!  (See this post for more info about Bloglovin’)

Christmas Movie Blog Hop

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Are you familiar with Bloglovin’?  It’s a great way to read, organize, and discover  blogs on mobile and desktop. It’s been around for a while but I’ve just discovered it & love it!!

There is so much information out there in cyberspace – sometimes it’s a bit hard to manage.  With Bloglovin’ not only are you able to follow your favorite blogs to get a feed of their latest articles customized just for you but you can also discover other blogs, save posts to read later and see what’s trending in the blogosphere.

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