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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kiwi Lane Instructor Kit

It’s here – it’s here!!!!!  My Kiwi Lane Instructor Kit is here!
2 boxes jam packed with so much fun!  I ordered the Class Starter Kit and everything shown below is included (except for that green tray).  I’m ready to start creating and hold parties & Get Togethers (classes)!
Class Starter Kit – worth over $800!class_starter_kit1
There is also another starter kit option – this doesn’t have the items for classes.
Basic Starter Kit – worth over $500!starter_kit1
Kiwi Lane templates can be use on scrapbook layouts, cards & more.  You’re able to see through the templates so you can position them over paper, photos & more – allowing you to get the perfect shape. I don’t know about you – but I have a TON of paper…countless pads of coordinating paper, double sided paper, etc. These templates work beautifully with your stash, allowing you to make beautiful projects without buying extra items. They also sell nice paper packs at a good price (can you ever have enough paper?) Smile
Visit the Kiwi Lane Blog to get inspired! Sandcastle 2-page layout
Currently Kiwi Lane is in their soft launch phase.  They are making the transition from a web based business to a direct sales. Kiwi Lane is tweaking things, making sure the transition goes smoothly.  Eventually all sales will be made via Kiwi Lane Instructors on their website.  More info is coming soon, and the opportunity for you to sign up is too!   In the meantime you can find some information about becoming a Kiwi Lane Instructor and Playing for a Living (love that phrase!) here (including lists of the kit contents).  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Kiwi Lane!
If you can excuse the poor video taking skills (I’ll work on that ) you can take a peek at my kit!

A little later after the full launch begins (hopefully sometime in August/September) Canadian friends will be able to sign up as Instructors and we’ll be able to ship internationally!
If you’re local (SE Michigan) contact me to host your own Kiwi Lane Party or Get Together!   Be sure to join my Facebook Group to get the latest info and also sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NEW Border Maker Ideas

CM Has introduced 3 new cartridges for the Original Border Maker System.  These work with the old CM system, the old cartridges work with the new system – everything CM - old & new -  works together! 

Bubbles Border , Film Strip and Star Border cartridges.NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
Visit my CM site & click on “What’s New” to view these and other new products!
Inspiration for using the newest Border Maker Cartridges.
These posts were shared by the CM Home Office:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's WorkshopNEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
A couple of my ideas:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
Using papers from the Be Bold & Flourish line:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
From CM Advisor Beth Wells Sechler:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
From Pat Gerlach, CM Advisor:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
From Linda Lingley Seeley,, CMA:NEW Border Maker Ideas on Lisa's Workshop
You can save $10 off your order by using the code THANKU10 at checkout.  One code per account – good until July 31! Click here to shop with me. (Thank You!!)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Here is $10 for you to spend on CM product!!

$10 to spend on my CM site! $10 to spend at

It was last July that Caleb Hayhoe decided to invest in what is now the new CM. This week is also Caleb's birthday (which in his humble fashion, he didn't want to disclose but CM talked him into it). When CM asked what he would be celebrating, his answer was "CM's success."  So on behalf of Caleb and everyone at CM in St. Cloud, they would like to thank you for helping to make CM thrive!

Please accept a $10 gift that can be used on ANY purchase between Tuesday, July 21 (9 a.m. CT) and Friday, July 31 (11:59 p.m. CT): enter code THANKU10 at checkout. Click here to shop via my Advisor link. (THANK YOU!!)

Fine print:  Limit one $10 coupon per account. Discount applied to online orders only. Cannot be used with other promotions or coupons (i.e., account credits). Coupon applied only to the retail amount of the order (shipping & handling excluded).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fun Stampers Journey Punches in CM Shape Maker System.

They work!!!!

FSJ punches work with CM Shape Maker System!- Lisa's Workshop
The chevrons were punched with the FSJ punch, then I used the larger CM Shape Maker System square to punch around that.  For the square stack - the red square is cut with the FSJ punch and all the others are from CM.  It fits perfectly & completes the set Smile 
From back to front: CM Shape Maker System square, (red - 1.75 FSJ punch) dark blue and green dotted - large CM Square Maker, yellow & orange - small/mini CM Shape Maker.

FSJ punches work with CM Shape Maker System!- Lisa's Workshop

I shook & wiggled this thing way harder than I ever would normally. The cartridge didn't budge until I pressed the release button.FSJ punches work with CM Shape Maker System!- Lisa's Workshop
Identical as far as I can tell except for coloring & labeling.

I ordered my FSJ starter kit on the 19th, the punches and cardstock on the 21st and I received everything today (in Michigan) on the 30th.  FSJ orders ship from Arizona.

I LOVE this tool and am so glad that we now have more options for it!!

Here are the other cartridges/punches available from Fun Stampers Journey. (Click to enlarge)

FSJ punches work with CM Shape Maker System!- Lisa's Workshop

FSJ punches work with CM Shape Maker System!- Lisa's Workshop

The 1.75 circle is shown on the website but you won’t be able to order it until July 15th – along with the other shapes I’ve noted above. 


Click here to view/download the FSJ catalog filled with lots of great ideas. It’s 218 pages of fun!

If you’re interested in hosting an online party please let me know. FSJ has a great hostess program and lots of fun products! 

hostess rewards

I have to say, I’m quite taken with the FSJ smooth, solid colored-all the way to the core-cardstock!  It cuts beautifully and comes in lots of fun colors. It’s “archival, and acid- and lignin-free” too! Another thing I really, really like about FSJ is how their colors carry across the different products.


Off to explore the rest of my FSJ goodies!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Products Coming Soon!!

All New & Available to Order Wednesday! 

July 1 products will be available at 9 a.m. CT in the What's New category.

The all-new Be Bold & Flourish Fast2Fab album, Refill Pages, Paper Pack and Slide-In Pack will brighten any memory! They're especially well suited to girls of all ages, from girls' early years to showers, special birthdays, girls getaways and more. 

New Album Colors from CM

Be Bright & Flourish - cute & new from CM

The new Red, White and Blue Paper Pack (12 sheets of double-sided exclusive designs, both sides shown below) can be used for any holiday that might involve potato salad and fireworks. It also ups the charm factor of anything boy-related. Only a few designs include all three colors, so our Canadian friends will find a ton of uses for it, too!

Red, White & Blue - new from CMComing Mid-July:

  • Two new Border Maker cartridges: Filmstrip and Stars!
  • ABC/123 Stickers in Gold and Black
  • New 12" Straight Trimmer and 12" Straight Trimmer Replacement Blades (2/pk)

New Border Maker Cartridges!!

New ABC Stickers!

The NEW 12” Trimmer – blades will fit the OLD 12” dark blue straight trimmer!!! 12" Trimmer - new from CM!

Also expected mid-July (currently enjoying a scenic tour of Customs): Shades of Neutral, Bright and Pastel Designer Cardstock in 10-packs.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More about those FSJ Cartridges!

While I’m waiting for my FSJ starter kit to arrive and my first order I thought I’d share this picture from my FSJ upline Julie Krehbiel. 


Isn’t that beautiful!! (Love those chevrons!!) That is a FSJ punch cartridge with the CM Shape Maker System handle.  The only difference between the FSJ and the CM cartridges seems to be the color! I’ve heard good things from Julie about the FSJ cardstock, too, so I added some of that to my first order (in addition to what comes in my starter kit). FSJ cardstock is acid free, lignin free and the color is solid all the way through!

I will still post an update when I receive my items but I wanted to share this now because there is a nice incentive for those that become FSJ Coaches in June.  On top of the great deal you get with your starter kit (there are 3 to choose from – see below) you’ll receive the June Kit of the Month (KOTM) called “Selfie Love” for free! <3


Some info about the FSJ KOTM:


Being the bargain-loving gal I am I went with the Blooming Grand Kit.  It’s the best value and I love that you’re able to customize which ink pads, papers and stamps you’ll receive if you like!  You’re also able to add on a pack of accessories at a great price (with an extra 10% discount) and it counts towards your volume totals!

Your 3 Starter Kit Options:


(Click here to view this as a PDF)

I’m impressed with this company – they seem to have a really big heart!

Here is some info about becoming a FSJ Coach.|
Please let me know if you have any questions!!



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FSJ Cartridges fit the CM Shape Maker System!!

Wahoo!! Does this look familiar?!!

FSJ Punches works with CM Shape Maker System!!
I have heard from very reliable sources that these
Fun Stamper Journey punch cartridges absolutely fit the CM Shape Maker System & vice versa!! Just to be safe I have some ordered so I can make sure myself.  FSJ has so many great cartridges so I decided to check into becoming a FSJ  “coach"  for the discount (trying not to break the bank while still supporting my habit Winking smile )  Super low minimums ($150 per quarter) and a fun product line & no problems selling along with CM...long story short, I'm now a FSJ coach!  

FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! -

(These squares & circles are the same sizes as the small CM Shape Makers/punches.)

I’m so happy – this is absolutely one of my favorite tools!  It’s so easy to use!!

The Shape Maker System is a better deal from CM - it's $25 and comes with the 2" circle & square. $8 for additional cartridges BUT it’s only available while supplies last.  CM will not be coming out with any more cartridges. FSJ cost is $12.95 for the handle & $6.95 - $11.95 for punches but they don't have a 2" square or circle.  

Even better pricing for CM Advisors and FSJ Coaches – let me know if you want more info about either (or both) of those options!

FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! -

The large CM Square & Circle Makers punch shapes that are 1.25” and 1.5" The small/mini CM Square & Circle Makers punch shapes that are .75” & 1”.Old CM circle punches - CM square punches -

The CM Shape Maker System punches squares & circles that are 2"


Shown below from back to front: Shape Maker System, large Shape Maker (2), small/mini Shape Maker (2) . The 1.75" square & circle from FSJ should fit right in between the dark blue & light blue!

FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! -

To make it easier to grab which Maker I want I adhered the punched out shapes on the side of the Maker (at least those that would fit).  I did this many years ago & they’re holding up pretty well!

Old CM punches -

Click here to see these cartridges on my FSJ website or click here to browse all their fun products.  The ribbon at the top of the FSJ home page will help you navigate between product categories.

FSJ cartridges fit in the CM Shape Maker System! -

I’ll be sure to share my personal experience (and pictures!) with these FSJ cartridges & the CM Shape Maker System handle when my FSJ order comes in.