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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” end of school-year tradition

(Originally posted May, 2011)
One of my scrapbooking friends shared this tradition and I thought I’d pass it on to you!
When her son was young my friend purchased a copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss.  Throughout the years she secretly gave her son’s teachers the book to sign at the end of the school year.  They left notes, poems  and some just signed their name.  When her son graduated from high school she presented the book to her son at his party.  With the party going on all around him he poured over it, going over each page, each signature, each note. 
I have one of these special books started for each of my boys and plan on not only having their teachers sign the book but also any other special people/teachers from the school.    We switched from a public school to a Catholic school this year and I wish I would have had a few others sign the books last year before we left.  I plan on having  the school principal, priests, gym teacher, librarian, etc. sign the book next year after they have a chance to get to know the boys a bit more.
I think this would be a great book to give a new mom, along with a note explaining the tradition.  I’ve heard from a lot of friends that wish they’d heard of this earlier.  I think it’s never too late to start!  If it’s convenient you could always go to the teachers and have them sign the book after the year has ended.   It will be a special gift, even if you aren’t able to capture every teacher they had!
My friend first learned about this when she was asked to sign a copy of this book for one of her students.  She then “stole” the idea for her own son.  I invite you to steal the idea, too!

 Updated December 30, 2011
This blog post was mentioned on A Sprinkle of This...A Dash of That and I've had some people contact me about the tags.  I didn't come up with the idea for these (visit A Sprinkle of This to see her tag idea & for some cute shower gifts to go along with the book!) but I did put something together in Storybook Creator Plus that you can print off & add to your gift.
Click on the tag to download the file.
I’ve had a few requests for a blank tag so here you go!
blank tag
Click on the blank tag to download the file.
These are both originally 4x6 so you can easily print them on your photo printer or upload it and have it printed where ever you print your photos.  You can also import it into a Word document and add a text box with a "From" line or add it by hand.
Here is a link to the Dr. Seuss font I used. 
I’ve also had some requests for the letter I send with the book.  I will be honest and let you know that I usually simply send an email a day or two before I send in the book that goes something like this (my boys go to a Catholic K-8 school):

Dear Teacher,
I’m sending in a copy of “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” to the office and am hoping you’ll write something in it as a surprise for James.
A friend of mine bought this same book for her daughter and had each of her daughter's teachers write a little note and sign it at the end of each school year. She then presented the book as a surprise to her daughter when she graduated high school.
I started this tradition for James with his Kindergarten teachers and hope to continue – at the very least until 8th grade graduation.
If you wouldn't mind, could you write a little something to James in his book? Anywhere in the book is fine, except for the dust cover. Even a favorite Scripture verse would be great!
When you are done could you send it to the office & I’ll pick it up there.

Here is a poem I have saved on my computer – I did not write it and do not know who did but I think it’s darling & hope to use it this year!
Dear Teacher, very grateful to you I would be,
if you would please, please do this favor for me.
I started this gift when James was small,
and plan to complete it by the time he is tall.
Each teacher who helps him along the way,
I hope will autograph –that is to say-
Please add a note, a picture or song,
A special memory can never be wrong.
You have helped make him the person he is
and you can take credit when they call him a whiz!
I will present it to him on commencement day
in honor of you who are so special today.
I don’t know which direction he’ll take – North, South, East or West,
but I do know he thinks his teachers are the best!

Edited to add:  Please consider sending in your books early to avoid contributing to the end of the school-year madness!

Friday, March 9, 2012

K–8 (and then some) Auction Album using Power Palettes

I donated an album for our school’s auction that will be on May 5th.  I wanted it to be simple enough that a non scrapper could look at it and think “Hey, I can do that!”  but nice enough that scrapbookers would want it, too!

I used mostly the Cheerful Power Palette and the retired Primary Power Palette.  These all worked so well together!  Titles and the custom elements were cut on my Silhouette.  I matted each sticker, title & other elements in black  cardstock throughout the album so that it would give the album a unified look. 

The album is designed to showcase pictures from a child’s years at St. Michael’s school (K – 8) but they can be rearranged if needed and adapted for other years & schools. 

Title Page – designed in Make the Cut and cut with my Silhouettedscn2330

For each grade I did a page with the year’s title and another layout left mostly empty so a class photo, larger school picture, report card or other item could be displayed.  I also included a set of Storybox Photo Mats & Journal Boxes in the auction so that they could add more photos if they want.  Photo Mats are pieces of pre-cut paper that are just a tad bigger than a 4x6 photo so they make matting photos a breeze! I also donated  a new Tape Runner, Dual Tip Black Pen, ABC Stickers and an hour of my time to help the winner of the auction get started.

Most of the stickers and elements I adhered with Foam Squares to make them pop off the page a bit.



Besides pages for each grade I did some for holidays – hoping that pictures of class parties and other fun holiday happenings can have a home.  I also did pages for Holy Communion, Confirmation & one that can be used for anything school related or sports.





You can view the whole album below (except for one of the Christmas pages I forgot to take a photo of). 

I hope it raises a bunch of money for the school!  If you’re local, stop by the auction – they are going to have lots of wonderful things to bid on!

May 5th at St. Michael’s School in Livonia, MI – let me know if you’d like more info!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Teacher Gifts!

It’s not too early to start thinking of these – the end of the school year will be here before you know it!
I made dry erase boards for my boys’ teachers this past Christmas – they were very well received!  You can use a dry erase marker on the regular (not metal) Photo Panels from Creative Memories Digital Center.  Create & customize these in a snap with Storybook Creator Plus, your photos and/or artwork!
I love working with digital – after you create the first project it’s so easy to tweak it a bit for your next one!  I used the same basic design for each teacher – customizing it just a bit for each of them.
I worked with the Cheerful Power Palette. Are you familiar with Power Palettes?  They are a set of (digital or traditional) papers, stickers & other embellishments that work together beautifully.  (Both traditional & digital Power Palettes are on sale – 30% off in March!)  The Power Palettes are generic in theme and work with most photos.  Addition Kits are available in a variety of themes for each Power Palette (Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, etc.) 
I used the Cheerful School Addition Kit to create the Photo Panels.
This one was for my son’s 2nd grade teacher.
8x8 teacher photo panel - Page 002
Mrs. Coughlin teaches 4th grade & loves turtles – so I took off the ABC element and added a cute turtle from the Cheerful Tropical Delight Addition.8x8 teacher photo panel - Page 001
I hot glued a metal washer to the back of each Photo Panel and attached a magnetic dry erase pen to the back of the board.
I don’t know what brand these were or even where I bought them but I’ve seen them at Staples and other office supply stores.
Just for kicks – you can also use the dry erase marker on a regular ole’ Photo Panel Smile