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Monday, June 22, 2015

CM Decorative Cardstock

Have you had a chance to try out this fun paper yet?  The Decorative Cardstock has a really nice feel and is lightly textured on both sides.  One side has a hatch texture and the other side has vertical 'lines' of texture. CM Decorative Cardstock -
The CM Decorative Cardstock has a white core.  I’ll admit it…I used to run away when I saw cardstock with a white core.  I LOVED CMs solid cardstock & was happy and content to use only that.   Turns out I was missing out on something pretty neat!!  I still love my solid cardstock - this is not a substitute for that it’s just another item in my crafty toolbox. (CM is working hard to find a source up to their standards for solid core cardstock.  You know I’ll let you know when that happens!)
This paper is very versatile!  You can get a different looks with just a bit of work.  
The textured pattern is highlighted with just a few swipes of sandpaper.

distressed close up CM Decorative Cardstock -
A little more effort and you get more of a worn look. 
distressed journal box CM Decorative Cardstock -
For the layout below, I lightly distressed an entire piece of paper from the Shades of Red paper pack to use for the background.  I went a little heavier on the edges to give it a thin white border.  Paper from the Shades of Green pack was used at the bottom of the page.  I roughed up an area to make the background lighter where I wrote my title. I used the same colored green paper and the Two Way Corner Rounder to make the tab on the left side of the layout.  The yellow dotted paper and the paper used to make the arrow are both from the Primary Paper Pack(Click to enlarge)
Layout featuring CM Decorative Cardstock -
white edge - CM Decorative Cardstock -

The white core takes ink very easily! Adding ink to the edges makes the paper stand out a bit – especially on a busier background.
inked edge CM Decorative Cardstock -
I was worried that the white core would show when I cut the Designer Cardstock but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this isn't an issue!
title close up using CM Decorative Cardstock -
The Designer Cardstock cuts like a dream in my Silhouette!
magical Disney layout featuring CM Decorative Cardstock -
Papers in the above layout are also from the Primary Paper Pack, Shades of Red and also the Shades of Blue Designer Cardstock.
Tearing When you tear the Designer Cardstock you get a whole new layer of color!  I can see blue being used for water and browns for sand (Shades of Neutral coming in July!)
ripped edge white reveal using CM Decorative Cardstock -
When you’re tearing paper – if you tear away from you the white core will be on the bottom side of the paper. Tear towards you and the white reveal will be on the top & visible.
More Shades of packs are coming soon!!
More CM Decorative Cardstock coming soon -
Stay tuned!

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