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Monday, February 18, 2013

Camp Crop-A-Lot– only a few more weeks!


Thank you to those who have already registered for our weekend retreat at the Novi Sheraton and a special thank you to those that have shared our event with your friends & family.  Below are the registrations I have received – color coded by group.  Please let me know if I’ve misplaced someone!

Lynn D.

Joanna E.

Jaclyn S.

Barb S.

Jill G.

Suzanne D.

(Hoping to keep this group in the same group as below)

Sheryl P.

Sharon C.

Hedye C.

Deborah K.

Dawn H.

Cheryl G.

Teri P.

(Hoping to keep this group in the same room as the group above)

Kimberly B.

Kristy L.

Jennifer S.

Christine G.

Laura G.

Nikki J.

Carol W.

Bridget J.

Amy R.

Sarah K.

Kim P.

Wendi S.

Lisa J.

Jodie O.

Renee V.

Aimee A.

Nichole E.

Jennifer S.

Susie S.

Rochelle W.

Cheryl R.

Gina T.

Diana S.

Cindy C.

Laurene K.

Jeanette J.

Lisa F.

Cindy D.

Mary Jo C.

Delcia T.

Cathy C.

Shayna T.

Jodi K.

Gwen M.

Leslie R.

We will be on the 2nd floor at the Sheraton – I’ll send out an agenda for the weekend and also what room you’ll be in closer to the event.

Be sure to check the Camp Blog – updates coming soon!

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