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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frappuccino Bottle Cocoa Set


I love cute marshmallows!  I saw these heart shaped ones at The Dollar Tree and picked up a few bags –knowing I wanted to do something with them for Valentines Day.  Marshmallows go perfectly with hot cocoa so I decided to make a cute hot cocoa gift set for each of the boy’s teachers.

I bought  a couple of 4 packs of Kroger brand frappuccino – the ones that come in the little carriers.  (Note for future projects:  start earlier – those frapps (even the light ones) aren’t as good when you have to drink them by a deadline!) - and then removed the labels.  The Kroger brand labels are shrink wrapped so they were really easy to remove.  I traced the shape of the carton on the wrong side of the paper I wanted to use, cut it out and adhered it to the carrier.  I dressed it up with a bit of coordinating paper, paper flowers and clear quote stickers. 

For the bottle lids I cut a thin piece of paper with the CM Rotary Trimmer, then placed that around the edge of the cap.  I used circles punched with the CM Circle Maker and put them on the top of the lid, labeling each with the contents in the jar.


I kept this really simple because I liked to see the cute stuff in the bottles.  You could decorate the bottles, too if you wanted to dress it up more. 

Besides the heart marshmallows I’ve seen red (really pink) & green trees for Christmas and brown, orange & white ghosts for Halloween.  I just bought some really cute pastel colored bunny marshmallows - all of these were at Target :)


Marshmallows, Cocoa Mix, Pocky Sticks & candy hearts.

The Pocky sticks I found in the international aisle (asian foods, I think) of my local Kroger.  They are chocolate covered “biscuit” sticks – cookies I think – and the pink ones are strawberry flavored.  I thought they would be cute stirrers for hot cocoa.

The set above features paper from the retired Cherish kit.

This is the other set I did and it uses paper and paper flowers from the Delight Power Palette.


The teachers loved them!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! And it will give me a good excuse to drink some yummy Frappuccino! Have to start thinking for end of school year gifts - Maybe fill one with lemonade mix? I'll have to think of the other bottles.

  2. Lisa,
    This is a really cute project. Great idea!

  3. This is so cute, Lisa! I found you through Brianna's new blog--I'm glad I stopped by.

  4. I just wondered, when you traced the paper for the carton, did you take apart the carrier? I am going to get started on some for the up coming Valentine 2011. Great idea too!

  5. I did not take apart the carrier. I just traced it onto the back of the paper - cut it out, leaving a bit of wiggle room & then trimmed it up after adhering it to the box.

  6. I buy these ALL the time and just throw them away! this is great - I will be keeping them from now on!

  7. What other ideas do you think would be good to put in the bottles?