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Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Kiwi Lane Templates & Paper!


New products are now available from Kiwi Lane!! These new items are only available now through Kiwi Lane Instructors.  You can find these in the "New Release" category on my Instructor site.

Enjoy the Ride Paper KitNew Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!

Hope Accessory SetNew Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors! LisasWorkshop.blogspot.comNew Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!

McKay Blvd Border SetNew Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!

New Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!


Win a HOPE Accessory Set!!New Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!

The Hope Accessory Set is perfect for when the stork makes that most special delivery to you or someone you know. Want to win a FREE Hope Accessory Set of your own? Head over to the Kiwi Lane Facebook Page and leave a comment in this post about which Hope Template Number (1-5) you think will be your favorite to use once you have your own Hope Accessory Set.  The winner will be announced later this evening on the Kiwi Lane Designs Facebook page so make sure to comment now to be entered into win.

***If you live outside the U.S. you will be issued a Kiwi Lane Gift Card Credit instead of receiving the physical prize.***

See more samples featuring the Hope set on the Kiwi Lane Blog.

Don’t forget:  Kiwi Lane shipping is FREE when you order $35 or more and only $5 for orders under $35!  Also the Feb. specials are Clara Lane & Sweetheart!
New Kiwi Lane!! Only available via Instructors!


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